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  1. adamp961

    adamp961 Member

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has posted their input on the Skyrocket ICS updates pros and cons.

    I think my Skyrocket and my wife's Skyrocket are going to stay with Gingerbread. I really like the phone and would hate to mess up a good thing.

    Thanks again!!!


  2. lewisb13

    lewisb13 Active Member

    Good for you man. Im so pissed about this. I unplugged my phone at 6:32 this morning after charging it all night and my battery is at 75% at 9:16am. Unreal.
  3. adamp961

    adamp961 Member

    are u on ICS?
  4. davidlb512

    davidlb512 Active Member

    If you have it rooted, use Titanium Backup to freeze MAPServiceSamsung 4.0.4-UCLF6. It uses tons of battery life. I had the same issues until after I did that. Now my battery lasts all day long with regular use, and syncs.
  5. TgeekB

    TgeekB Well-Known Member

    I agree with the OP. After reading all the posts on here about problems after updating, I plan on sitting tight until I upgrade my phone in March. Perfectly happy.

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