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    Oct 25, 2009
    ok, so after the equivalent of almost a full day. i have finally fixed me HTC Dream. "Frankenstein"

    originally when i first started to try and gain root access. something went terrible wrong. i flashed the wrong FW onto my phone. so it thought it was a T-mobile G1, instead of a Rogers HTC Dream. at first i was alright. then i got to the google sign in page...bastards. it had the T-mobile radio so it would not connect to my data plan.

    "Fix" - i downloaded windows Android SDK.
    -went into CMD and "cd" to the tools folder.
    -plug in the phone
    -type "adb devices"
    -type "adb shell"
    -type "am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n"
    that bypasses the google sign in, and goes into your wireless settings. just connect to a wifi connection, and get past that bastard.

    so my phone still does not have a data connection.
    APN Settings (Rogers and Fido)
    * Name: Rogers
    * APN:
    * Username: wapuser1
    * Password: wap
    * MCC: 302
    * MNC: 72 (or try 720 with newer SIM cards)
    3. Press Menu


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