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Thats it!!! my finger is burnt :@@General

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  1. soso94

    soso94 Active Member

    I have samsung galaxy mini and im annoyed from having to use my finger on the screen specially when the phone is charging coz the screen is hot and the constant touching burnt the tip of my finger :(
    The question is : Is there any pen for galaxy mini touch screen ??? Have anyone got one?
    Plz help me im frustrated :(

  2. Subhankar

    Subhankar New Member

    no there are no pen or stylus for mini.
    were you using the phone while charging?which usually ends up heating any kind of touch phone(Android or symbian or bada)
    this also might be your phone's hardware problem...also almost every android heats up while charging.So the best solution is not to use phone for gaming or browsing or listening music while charging...as it also damages batary life...:creep:

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