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  1. kyrax12

    kyrax12 Member

    Hi guys.

    I was wondering that for At&T data plan.. the one for 15$ a month you need to get this phone, is it sufficient for casual web browsing and MSN/AIM messenger?

  2. Cronis

    Cronis Well-Known Member

    yup thats what im doing... seems to work ok so far. Only been through one billing cycle though and that was near the end of the month so its kinda early yet. A lot just depends on how much your going AIM/MSN/brows and if your going to use Wifi. Im a fairly heavy web user but most of my data goes over wifi.
  3. delphis

    delphis Member

    The Aria is my and my wife's first smartphones. My wife was really paranoid about data overages and getting socked with an outrageous bill, so to ease her mind I got us both the 2GB plan for $25 a month, knowing full well that we'd never even use a 1/10th of it. We have WiFi at my house and that is where I do 90% of my App downloads and video watching (that doesn't count against your 3G data usage, just in case you didn't know that). Everything else I use 3G for probably doesn't even amount to even 50 MB a month. My plan is to keep the 2 Gig plan for two full billing cycles and show her that we're more than able to survive on just the 200 MB plan.
  4. artvandalay22222

    artvandalay22222 Well-Known Member

    get the 3g watchdog app. It will keep track of how much your using, how much you have left till next bill cycle, and even how much you you will have used at end of month if you continue at your current rate. Also has a widget with it.
  5. tsanuri

    tsanuri Well-Known Member

    If you are so sure just drop it to the $15 plan and keep checking the data and if you get close you can change it to the $25 plan retroactively to the begining of the billing cycle.
  6. Ambictus

    Ambictus Well-Known Member

    My opinion is this. Unless you stream video and/or audio you won't go over 200MB/mo. However IF you do you likely won't go over by much. So... if you go over with the 200MB plan you'll pay an extra $10 for a gig and end up paying $25. That way on low usage months you'll be paying $15. On high you'll be paying $25.
  7. We went with the 200mb plan ($15) and after a week we only used 10mb so far. I should say that most surfing was done over wi-fi and we're still getting used to our first smart phone. My wife too is paranoid of data usage and needs an app like 3G watchdog right away. ATT My Wireless app says it's available for the android, but when you go to download it they don't show the HTC phone in the list. Oh, well #G watchdog it is
  8. markj

    markj Active Member

    Correction. If you have the "DataPlus 200 MB for Smartphone" plan, you are supplied 200 prepaid MB for each billing cycle for $15.00. However, if you go over 200 MB during your cycle, you are automatically given an extra 200 MB and charged $15.00 more at the end of your cycle. For every 200 MB over, you are again billed $15.00 more.

    DataPlus 200 MB for Smartphone
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  9. Ambictus

    Ambictus Well-Known Member

    My brain is getting moldy at such a young age!
  10. drumist

    drumist Member

    A more direct way to check your data usage is to dial *DATA# (*3282#) and hit Call. Wait a few seconds and you'll receive a text message that tells you how much data you have used on the plan.

    Also, I believe AT&T will automatically send you a text message when you are close to reaching the maximum data limit. I don't believe you have to do anything to enable this.
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  11. xdmanalo

    xdmanalo Well-Known Member

    I downloaded the 'ATT myWireless' direct from the market via my phone. App seems to work as described. I haven't compared it to the my account details via ATT's website, but I'm confident it's pulling information from the same server.

    Just take caution in saving the password on your phone. If you lose your phone, the finder suddenly has access to your account.
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  12. susa

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