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  1. earlywyrm

    earlywyrm New Member

    I've been through XDA, Phandroid, and quite a few google searches and I can't find a definitive answer.

    Are those of us with 2.3.5 locked for now? I just want to unlock the bootloader, root, and go home to cyanogen. This is my first motorola - all others have been HTC which have been as easy to mod as pie.

    It's a good phone, I'll wait and deal with stock, but I hate restrictions on my own phone. If there's a thread I missed I apologize - please direct me to the right location. Otherwise, give me the bad news.

    Be Well


  2. mkm1126

    mkm1126 New Member

    As of now, there is no solution for unlocking the bootloader. Bummer, eh?

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