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  1. Jjacks46

    Jjacks46 New Member

    Hey Everyone! . .I been thinking about switching to page plus cellular for a while now. I've recently come across an article and it said that they upgraded the new 55 unlimited plan to 1Gb per month. The "leap year" plan is what its called, i think? .Its a limited offer and it ends feb. 29. My question is, if you activate your phone under this plan before the 29th, would you continuously be awarded 1Gb every month afterwards even if the the offer ends on the 29th?

  2. persim

    persim Well-Known Member

    The extra data is only good for the rest of the year. So you would get the 1 GB each month for the rest of 2012. It would then switch back to 500 MB in January 2013.

    It is always possible that PP would change the plan later in the year and 1 GB could be the new limit for the 55 plan. But as it stands now the extra data will revert back in January 2013.
  3. micallen

    micallen Well-Known Member

    They've made the change permanent. You get 1GB per month - forever.

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