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  1. caa0734

    caa0734 New Member

    I am using Motorolla Quench XT3 with Android 2.1 .Whenever i used to download something from the Market after the download is complete. I get the message that "The application Market (process has stopped unexpectedly,Force Close ".
    I tried clearing the cache of the Market by going into its settings . But it didnt work . It starts working if we uninstall and then reinstall it . But again after download the problem continues..

    Please Give a possible solution for this.


    Prashant Dubey

  2. lookingkarma

    lookingkarma New Member

    I having problem with "Market" application with same error.
    Today I fixed my HTC EVO phone.
    I don't know this solution is working for you or not. Try!!

    1. I had ROM Manager program. if you don't have it, install it from the Market.
    2. open the ROM Manager
    3. find "fix permission" and run.
    4. reboot the device.
    5. then you can open the application w/o any problem.

    That's it.
  3. randpat

    randpat New Member

    How can you download ROM Manager when you can't access Market?
  4. mosca81

    mosca81 New Member

    my phone is not rooted and i had the same problem with market. i've read lots of posts and nothing worked for me. so i've tried to do sth by myself. deleting last update of market works, but only for short time. and it's really frustrating that you have to delete it and after 10 minutes you get the same problem.
    i was so mad that i tried to turn off and delete some applications etc... (hours of stupid actions :D). and finally i turned off synchronization. and it worked for me: i have old version of market without bugs and can download thousands of apps without force close.

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