The Archos 101 looks interesting

  1. norm807

    norm807 Active Member

  2. turbosol16

    turbosol16 Well-Known Member

    I keep on being tempted by these tablets but I have decided to wait for Gingerbread 3.0. I think Google will be updating Android with tablets in mind. I can wait 6 months, the wife is getting an ipad for free through her school. That should hold me over till a good Android 3.0 tablet is released. I am interested in the supposed Moto one but I really don't like how the new Moto's can't be loaded with different roms anymore.
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  3. irishpride

    irishpride Well-Known Member

    I am for sure going with the 101, it looks great and and is a reasonable price.
  4. badankles

    badankles Well-Known Member

    interesting price point between the 7" and 10". almost like they are pushing the 10" over the 7" as it's $20 more.
  5. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    Lots of important information missing. Like RAM, resolution, weight and battery life. Any one of these could make it a dog.
  6. jtbnet

    jtbnet Well-Known Member

    Archos already has it's site updated with full specs for these... i.e.;


    This is definitiely one I'll be watching as seems to have all the features from a reputable vendor that I'd be looking for at a good price point...
  7. mindwave

    mindwave Well-Known Member

    looks like Velocity can flush their tablets.

    I thought $300 for a 7 was WAY to much $

  8. mindwave

    mindwave Well-Known Member

    from their web site
    Processor • ARM Cortex A8 at 1 GHz with DSP
    Interfaces • USB slave 2.0: Mass Storage Class (MSC)br> • Full size USB host: Mass Storage Class (MSC)
    • SD (SDHC compatible)
    • HDMI output5 (Mini HDMI / HDMI cable sold separately)
    Communication protocols • WiFi (802.11 b/g/n)
    • Bluetooth 2.1 EDR
    Scalability • Device automatically downloads latest firmware updates when the WiFi connection is activated
    • Updates can also be downloaded at ARCHOS and updated via USB mass storage

    Product capacity • Internal: 8 & 16 GB**** flash memory
  9. norm807

    norm807 Active Member

    Perhaps they will port 3.0 to this tablet.

    Out of the ones I have seen so far with $300 as a price, this is my leader right now.

    I want one mostly for use around the house, websurfing, mini games(nothing intense as I have a pc for that), music, portablility.. what are some of things that you would use this tablet for?
  10. spurswin99

    spurswin99 Member

    I agree it looks very interesting and I am going to contemplate pulling the trigger when it comes out. The only negative in my mind is the lack of Android Market support. Does this concern others, or is there a way to get a good selection of apps without the Market that I'm not aware of? Seems like many of the apps I'd be interested in (Setting Profiles, Nook, etc.) are not available on the sites like appslib.
  11. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    Still nothing on the RAM.
  12. EKhatch

    EKhatch Well-Known Member

    I wish this was coming out a little sooner. I am looking for something to take with me on vacation the middle of next month.
  13. cbanning

    cbanning Well-Known Member

    Agree totally that the lack of the android marketplace is a deal killer, which really stinks 'cause I hate Apple.
  14. jtbnet

    jtbnet Well-Known Member

    Well, we have gotten market working on far lesser tablets so far using like system google app packs and SDK emulator IDs... also if you have an Android phone downloading from market and transfering app over works too... so this would Not be my major deciding factor...
  15. Catfish

    Catfish Well-Known Member

    This is a spark of new interest to keep me waiting a bit longer for better tablets than the ZT-180. Regarding Market access, is there anywhere online that collects free android applications for download? Like a software library site? I want to download some apps and use them in VirtualBox to try the apps out but I can't find anywhere to dowlnoad from.
  16. jtbnet

    jtbnet Well-Known Member

  17. mindwave

    mindwave Well-Known Member

    I just looked a little closer at that posting an it seems that the 7" will have the option of a 250GB HD as well as the regular ram, thats probably the big $ difference
  18. spurswin99

    spurswin99 Member

    I do have an android phone (Evo) and was wondering if this would be possible. How would it work? Would I install on my phone and extract/transfer the apk somehow?
  19. jtbnet

    jtbnet Well-Known Member

    Yes... the .apks(s) are all installed in/found in /data/app/*.apk or /system/app/*.apk so you can copy them off to your sdcard and transfer... or if using the SDK pull them to your PC and push them to your tablet...

    Chevy01 created a backup and restore apps tools for his Moto Droid Simply Stunning rom and if you can get root on your phone then that would be a good couple tools to grab and have... Titanium Backup also saves a copy on the sdcard in gz format if you happen to use TB...
  20. mothy

    mothy Well-Known Member has hands on video of all the tablets in action.

    Pretty cool
  21. uniquenameEVO

    uniquenameEVO Well-Known Member

    The 4.3 might make my kids stop trying to steal my EVO. In time for Christmas, I like so far...
  22. cbigmtich

    cbigmtich Well-Known Member

    on the website there is a video of a kid giving directions on how to add marketplace on your tablet. It is a 1 minute 30 second video, so it can't be that difficult to do. Also it has 512 ram, and a kickstand! the battery is soppose to be about 8hrs watching video, that's good enough for me. My phone can't watch video's for 8 hours, and it isn't half the screen size.
  23. jtbnet

    jtbnet Well-Known Member

    The more I read and view reviews about the 101 the more I keep wanting to pre-order one... If anyones notices a reputable dealer doing pre-orders please post here and I'll do the same if I find one first... Usually Amazon does this on big hype items and you get it delivered on launch day... probably this doesn't rate the special treatment as tablets are a niche at best so far... but one can hope...
  24. MentatYP

    MentatYP Well-Known Member

    I've never been a fan of Archos's charge-for-every-codec business model, but it looks like they've thrown the kitchen sink into this one for a ridiculously low price. I won't be an early adopter, but I'll be watching this very closely. Looks like it could be really awesome.
  25. Catfish

    Catfish Well-Known Member

    The 101 specs says it has a High resolution touch screen, 1024x600 pixels (WXVGA), 10.1'' TFT LCD

    and the 70 has High resolution screen, WVGA 800 x 480 pixels, 7'' TFT LCD, 16 million colors • Capacitive multitouch screen

    does this mean the 101 doesn't have a multi-touch screen? and which of these screens would use less power? The 7" in front by default because of size or does WXVGA use less/more power than WVGA. How do these two types stack up in power consumption?

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