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The Aria *IS* the Intruder

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  1. maerlim

    maerlim Well-Known Member

    At 1:00, the Aria review unit has the HTC Intruder codename. :(


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  2. mkeath

    mkeath Well-Known Member

    I have one word for this. ****.
  3. lordmaxx

    lordmaxx Well-Known Member

    well crap....

    and awwww look at the cute little baby phone next to the grown up phone. I guess this one is for kids who might grow up and need a real phone some day lol

    Good god, no side loading apps WTTFFFFFTTFFFFF
  4. Ambictus

    Ambictus Well-Known Member

    Umm... WTF? 2 code names for the Aria??? That's just weird.

    Edit: Jesus the Evo is HUGE. I've seen an HD2 in person so I know how huge it is but sometimes a comparison really puts it into perspective. That shit is just excessive to me.
  5. t-readyroc

    t-readyroc Well-Known Member

    OK, so I guess Aria = Liberty = Intruder?? 'Cuz Ynomrah's videos say it's the Liberty, which Ambictus points out (post #4)... Yeesh. Great.
  6. lordmaxx

    lordmaxx Well-Known Member

    So I guess the only other HTC thing we have even a rumor of is that slider that was in FCC...that thing didn't look like it had a very big screen, but we won't know till someone gets their hands on it. CMON GIZMODO!
  7. mkeath

    mkeath Well-Known Member

    Yeah is it just me or does it seem like AT&T asks phone manufacturers to show them their phone designs that they've thrown out and sees the worst ones and says, "Yes! This is truly the phone that will start the Android revolution on AT&T! I will give you $5 for each phone."
  8. ghostfox1

    ghostfox1 Well-Known Member

    So not only are there 3 code-names, but the price is wrong in radioshacks system too?
  9. maerlim

    maerlim Well-Known Member

    In one of the hands-on videos (I think it was the AT&T Employee training video posted yesterday) it showed the Aria on the bluetooth screen, and the Aria's default name (on THAT unit) was Liberty. So whoever rumored that the Aria = Liberty probably saw THAT phone or THAT video.
  10. Ambictus

    Ambictus Well-Known Member

    LOL @ Gizmodo comment!

    Interesting point about the slider though. There have been rumors of a Desire based slider but I've gotta be honest and say I don't think the slider that we saw in the FCC pics is it.

    Something else to note about the slider... We saw the Aria pass through the FCC on April 20th. On April 27th we saw the Slider show up. Will we see the mysterious slider launch a week after the Aria?
  11. lordmaxx

    lordmaxx Well-Known Member

    I was really hoping for a desire-like phone...don't really care for the keyboard, but there is actually a pretty big group of customers who would like a high-end Android that is a slider (look at the Moto Droid's Success) So if it does come out in the next 2 weeks I'll be happy for those who wanted it, but another skip for me.

    Think it will have the same specs as the aria though because that would just be fail #3 IMO...
  12. maerlim

    maerlim Well-Known Member

    That would be my hope, and would be the 5th phone (I'm counting the Streak, which is AT&T's worst secret, they might as well announce it).

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