The audio on my Zio is muddled when I use headphonesSupport

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  1. DRoyal23

    DRoyal23 New Member

    So I've had this problem since I received the phone; the audio sounds clear without headphones, but when i plug them in, it sounds muddled. I know it's not the headphones I'm using; they work fine with everything else, and I even tried other headphones. Any suggestions?

  2. Nikaido86

    Nikaido86 Member

    Are you using the stock music player? I noticed I had the same problem when I'd plug the phone into my car's AUX jack. Once I downloaded a better music player (PowerAMP) the muffle went away. It seems to be a software problem, not so much a hardware one.
  3. lordjair

    lordjair New Member

    I had this issue and I thought maybe dust was blocking a contact. This has happened a few times and each time I just blow back into the headphone jack and it works. Maybe I'm lucky. But it can't hurt to try.

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