The best browser for LG P500 Optimus One

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  1. Gremaldin

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    Best Browser for P500 Optimus One

    Whats a smartphone without a data connection? The browser is perhaps the most important app on a smart phone, and the same holds for android. With so many browsers available in the Android market, its easy for one to be confused when it comes to choosing a browser since he default browser might not be enough for all of us. So I though I'll start a thread and comment on the different browsers I've tested on my phone. Eventually, I hope to cover all browsers. So here goes...

    Android browser: The default browser isn't too bad I guess, since we don't often see full featured default browsers for any phone or OS , so I guess the Android browser is enough for those who don't do much browsing. But it doesn't support tabbed browsing, though it tries to make up for it by allowing to switch between different windows without leaving the browser, so we almost get the experience of tabbed browsing.

    Opera Mini: Perhaps the most popular browser across several platforms, and light on memory, Opera Mini is bound to be the first alternative browser everyone looks at. Opera Mini was never designed for smart phones, it was originally meant for feature phones that find it difficult to process large amounts of web content. For Opera Mini, the web page is actually processed by Opera servers and compressed before sending it to our phone, making it blazing fast and helps reduce our data usage. This combined with that Opera interface and speed dial makes the Mini a major contender in the "browser wars". Definitely worth looking into. But Opera Mini doesn't support javascript and the like, so if u frequently download files from file sharing sites like 4shared, then Opera Mini is not for you.

    Opera Mobile: Both the opera browsers look and feel alike, but Opera Mobile is far more capable than its sibling Mini. Opera Mobile is capable of handling all the new web protocols like Javascript, HTML5, etc. Opera Mobile has an additional data saving option, similar to the Opera Mini. But at about 20MB, Opera Mobile is heavy on internal memory, and though it can be installed to SD, 20MB for a browser is just too much. But if you love the Opera interface and speed dial, then the Opera Mobile is worth looking into.

    Please comment and share about your favorite browser. And please point out any mistakes if any.

    More browsers coming up soon....

    P.S. Please make this a sticky :D

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  2. varungnath

    varungnath Well-Known Member

    Opera does the trick for me! Its pretty smooth and lag-free...
  3. tahrikk

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  4. Feeshie

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  5. kev0055

    kev0055 Active Member

    Opera Mobile. Love the shortcut screen and opening multiple tabs.
  6. netyang

    netyang New Member

    Puffin is the best one I have seen. Fastest and support flash
  7. Opera mini for basic browsing, Skyfire for videos that aren't on youtube.(Don't have flash but Skyfire works)
  8. kev0055

    kev0055 Active Member

    Opera Mobile is definitely the one. Just love opening multiple tabs.
  9. vipul619

    vipul619 Well-Known Member

    Opera Mini > Opera Browser (would have been first if it didnt hog 10mb internal mem even after shifting to SD card :/) > Android Browser > Dolphin Browser
  10. samrox144

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    Dolphin is best can play flash videos without lag.....
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  11. arnabghosh

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    i want to buy lg optimus one guys......can any one tell me how much speed give in 2g 10k which phn i should buy?i want game prfomnc,no lag in using shortcut in homescrn.... Net ,pppppllllzzzzz help
  12. vipul619

    vipul619 Well-Known Member

    1) firstly this is a very wrong topic to ask this..

    2) in the range of 10k, there is no better phone than this (trust me i did 2 weeks research before buying it)

    3) If u are asking for download speeds, in 2G it goes upto 14-15 kbps (might vary on ur location) and as far as you can have in 3G and wifi's..
    (Have experienced 250kbps on wifi, never used 3G)

    4) You will get the best performance in the range of 10k. you cant expect it to run like a 20k phone. You can still overclock and gain a upper hand. as for lag in homescreen, thats never gonna happen.. :)
    go for it. play with it then after sometime visit XDA and get to know WHAT REALLY ANDROID IS.. :D
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