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The best deals on Ebay for the EVO ... (Browse All)

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  1. TeamPEZ

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    Feb 28, 2010
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    is only a question away. For example - I came across a seller that had 6 items for the EVO. I only wanted/needed 3 of them, so I emailed and asked if they would swap out the other items... and they happily obliged! I got 3 home chargers (1 for den, 1 for bedroom, 1 for school briefcase), 2 USB cables and car charger for $15 with free shipping.

    You would be amazed at the deals out there. When they agree, I ask them to send me an invoice to my personal email address detailing the items that are bought/sold and then I pay it. I do however, only do this with sellers that have a substantial amount of positive ratings (50,000+)

    And hey - if they say no ... then move on and ask someone else! It's just an email! Someone will want your money!


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