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  1. silic80

    silic80 New Member

    Test your math & intelligence skills with this fun game. Prove you can solve complex math based puzzles. Magic Square will give you hours of fun on your mobile device.
    Magic squares are square grids with a special arrangement of numbers in them. A magic square of order N is a square consisting of N rows and N columns that is filled with distinct integers in such a way that the sum of the integers in each row, each column and each main diagonal is equal to some fixed number.
    The game shares global high scores list with other platforms (iPhone and iPad are currently available, Blackberry and WP7 coming soon).
    I truly recommend this game. Any feedback is appreciated.

  2. VladaRule

    VladaRule New Member

    Great game :D I really love math puzzles and this is perfect :D :D
  3. silic80

    silic80 New Member

    Thanks VladaRule! I'm glad you like the game.

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