The Best music player SHOULD be able to do this....

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    Jul 26, 2012
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    I have a question about players.. it seems it *should* be simple but Android does not seem able to handle it.

    I am looking for a music player on par with iOS basic player. Before the flame war begins, hear me out.

    1. Most important feature. This one is the deal breaker. (if i find this, i can forgive the rest) MUST be able to sort Genre by artist. Before you say Mixzing, I will tell you it does not. If you go to Genre, then it shows artist. If you click on the artist, it shows ALL songs by that artist.... not just the one in the genre you picked.

    Why do i need this? I'll give you an example.

    In iOS if someone wanted to to play, Green Day (for example). They could:

    a) play ALL the Green day music by going to the artist section, or

    b) they could play only their favorites by going to genre, (favorites) then Artist (green day) then all their favorites are there without the


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