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  1. hikki6139

    hikki6139 Member

    Hi everyone !
    I'm here to show you the best photo widget in Android.
    And alos I'm the developer of this widget.:)

    Animated PhotoFrame Widget


    ScreenShots :

    [​IMG]  [​IMG]

    [​IMG]  [​IMG]

    Youtube Demo :

    App Link :

    Introduce :

    The widget designed specifically for mobile phones and tablets.

    Animated PhotoFrame Widget can help you to create your own unique photo widget.
    It differs from other photo widgets and offers up to 20 picture frames and 6 display animations during slideshow process.

    It can enhance the diversity of your desktop and make your album choosing more conveniently by its' photo selector.

    《Main Features of Animated PhotoFrame Widget》
    ◆ 「Smooth in passing to next slide with wonderful transition effects」 :
    5 options available
    Fade in/out, slide, scale, rotate, page down

    ◆ 「Zooms in and out without damaging the image quality」:
    Any size can be supported by Animated PhotoFrame Widget.
    Free adjustment and place of your frame Personalization (2*2 minimum , no restriction on maximum )

    ◆ 「Quick speed on selecting the whole album or photos」 :
    No need to assign specific path/route or to select photos by other tools.
    Built-in album selector can list all of your photos in an easy way.

    ◆ 「Considerate energy-saving design」 :
    It would automatically stop updating when you close the screen without consuming the electricity of device.
    It will automatically launch update function when you open the screen.

    ◆ 「Console panel」 :
    Easily stop the auto-play function anytime and skim photos manually by widget.

    ◆ 「Random play / Shuffle」 :
    You can play any album in shuffle or directly play all photos saved in the device.

    ◆ 「Independent Widget」 :
    You can place some widgets on the desktop. Each of them works independently.

    After install app, you must start with few steps.
    (It doesn’t exist in app list.)
    Home -> Apps -> Widget -> Animated PhotoFrame Widget -> Drag it to home
    Long click home -> Widget -> Animated PhotoFrame Widget -> Drag it to home

    【Technical info】
    We recommend installing Android OS 3.0 or higher

    Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy Your Animated PhotoFrame Widget.


    If you want to support us, You can choose Animated Photo Frame Widget + with more features.
    ● No ads.
    ● Slideshow interval can be choosed
    ● One click shuffle all your photos
    ● 4 in 1 photo frame widget
    ● Future update functions and more than 30 kinds of different design photo frame.
    ● New rich design sense of the time panel
    ● Simultaneously select multiple albums playback

    Full Version ScreenShots :

    [​IMG]   [​IMG]


    Paid Version Download :

    If you have any problems, please contact me

  2. hikki6139

    hikki6139 Member

    Version 1.8 :
    1. Reduce memory usage of photoframe widget.

    Version 1.7 :
    1. Adjust size of photoframes.

    Version 1.6 :
    1. Fix layout problems.
    2. New slide animation !!!
  3. hikki6139

    hikki6139 Member

    Version 1.9 :
    New Cute Love photo frame
  4. hikki6139

    hikki6139 Member

    Version 2.0 & 2.1:
    1. Bug fixed.
  5. hikki6139

    hikki6139 Member

    In order to select the program simple operation, not included in the photo cropping function.
    It already contains picture zoom adjustment function.
    Try to adjust the picture frame size.

    Version 2.6 :
    1. New progress style.
    2. Reduce memory usage.
    3. Minor bug fixed.

    Version 2.5 :
    Minor bug fixed.
  6. hikki6139

    hikki6139 Member

    A little sad about no feedback :(

    Version 2.7 :
    New Album Selector style.

  7. hikki6139

    hikki6139 Member

    Free Version
    V 2.8 :
    1. New Heart & Style Wood frames
    2. Minor bugs fixed

    V 2.7 :
    New Album Selector style.


    Paid Version
    V 3.5 :
    1. Add ten sense of design photo frame frames
    Heart Frame, Ribbon Bow, Style White, Style Wood, Style Pink, Light Blue, Style Blue
    Style Copper and two style colors frames.
    2. Minor bugs fixed.
  8. hikki6139

    hikki6139 Member

    Promotional price USD 1.39

    Now is the best time to buy.

    1. Improve widget performance.
    2. Minor bugs fixed.
  9. hikki6139

    hikki6139 Member

    Version Update :
    1. The new 【page turning】 animation.
    2. Improve widget performance.
  10. hikki6139

    hikki6139 Member

    V 3.6.2 :
    1. Fix photo picker rotation bugs.
    2. New flat album pre-load icon.
    3. Adjust layout.
    4. Minor bugs fixed.
  11. hikki6139

    hikki6139 Member


    More function available now !

    Free & Pro version update :
    1. Adjust widget layout.
    2. Minor bugs fixed.
  12. hikki6139

    hikki6139 Member

    Free & Pro version update :
    1. Support 13-inch tablet.
    2. Increase album picker loading performance.
    3. Add 3 new fonts. (Pro only)
  13. hikki6139

    hikki6139 Member

    Free & Pro version update :
    1. Widget can save photo position now, you can pause photo anywhere.
    2. New settings transition animation.
    3. The shortest interval down to 3 seconds.
    4. Bug fixed.
  14. hikki6139

    hikki6139 Member

    ★ ★ ★ Promotional Price SALE Now! ★ ★ ★
    30% OFF for Limited Time Only.
    You are worth having the best of photo widget on Android.

    To celebrate :
    Free version over 450000+ download.
    Facebook fans over 10000+
  15. hikki6139

    hikki6139 Member


    Free & Pro version update :
    1. Change gray background theme.
    2. Improve widget performance.
  16. djdole

    djdole New Member

    The app would be better if tapping the widget (or double-tapping it) would open the current displayed picture with the default gallery or picture viewer.
  17. hikki6139

    hikki6139 Member

    Free & Pro version update :

    1. Fix some launcher playback problems.
    2. Fix Android4.4(KitKat) launcher problems.
  18. hikki6139

    hikki6139 Member

    This feature is in pro version :).
  19. hikki6139

    hikki6139 Member

    This update made ​​some amendments to the detail.

    Mainly in the production of new frames and font style.

    Hope you continue to support us.

    Free and Professional versions update :

    1. Add three new frames: Simple Series
    2. Replace the default font
    3. Minor bug fixes
  20. hikki6139

    hikki6139 Member

    Waiting for so long time V 5.0.0 Animated Photo Frame Widget finally released.

    V 5.0.0 :
    1. New designed configure settings.
    2. Adjust few frames size.
    3. Fix bugs
    4. Refine code, makes widget more smooth.
  21. MLSS

    MLSS Well-Known Member

    It doesn't seem any different than the current widget I use on my phone and the stuff you have in the "pro" version, I can do for free.
  22. hikki6139

    hikki6139 Member

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