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The best way to transfer music?

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  1. SCFC_Messiah

    SCFC_Messiah Member

    Hi guys. Sorry if this is in the wrong section

    I'm just wondering what people find is the best way to transfer music/files onto the Micro SD? I've tried connecting the phone via USB and also placing the Micro SD into a card reader and connecting directly to the PC that way.

    However, with both methods I get the same fault. When I place the card back into the phone, or disconnect the USB I get the 'Preparing SD Card' message, followed by 'The SD Card is damaged' with my only option to format the card and start all over again.

    It's getting very frustrating. I have a 16GB card and have 8GBs of music to put on it.

    I'm in the middle of running a test on the card to see whether it's genuine.

    But ye, back to my original question - is there a different way to transfer the music that may be considered more stable?

    Thanks. Any help appreciated

  2. gibbs1984

    gibbs1984 Well-Known Member

    I do it with the USB cable, easy. Then I use the SDrescan app to rescan the card. Sounds like you've got a dodgy card.
  3. SCFC_Messiah

    SCFC_Messiah Member

    Ok thanks

    I ran the test on the card and it kept crashing with an error half way through, so there is definitely something up with it.

    So.... now I'm on the look out for a *real* 16gb MicroSD :D Problem is, the only ones I can find at a price I can afford are Class 2. Will that be ok!?
  4. glow worm

    glow worm Well-Known Member

    class 2 is slowest i think. im using a class 2 also, i just have to afk and wait a bit longer when im transferring files. i think its okay. ;)
  5. DesireMe

    DesireMe Well-Known Member

    Class 2 is not sufficient.
  6. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    I use Estrongs File Explorer for file transfer over wlan to my pc.
    The file explorer has a build-in media player, so I can hear (when I want) the music before I transfer it. It's working great with pictures, too.:)

  7. SCFC_Messiah

    SCFC_Messiah Member

    So the only down side is that it takes longer to transfer files onto it?

    Does it affect day to day use of the phone? If not, I think I'll get one
  8. GrenW

    GrenW Well-Known Member

    USB is the easiest, just drag and drop from Windows explorer. Never had a problem although I always click on the 'remove hardware' icon in Windows (don't do that for any other thing)

    Class 2 should be fine, it's just the transfer speeds will be lower. Unless you're using Apps2SD (or 2.2) then its should be enough for music and photos etc.
  9. SCFC_Messiah

    SCFC_Messiah Member

    Thank you everyone

    My plan is to eventually root the device - do you think a class 2 card would insufficient in that case?
  10. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    The file explorer has multi select feature for files select.
    I think you should try by yourself. The app is cost free :)


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  11. mgb

    mgb Member

    OK, so here is my situation: I have close to 3000 mp3 files on my phone. I have about 15 different playlists on my system. Within the next month or so, I'm planning to upgrade to the Note3. It took me a long time to setup all these files and playlists on my current, and now I'm wondering what would be the easiest/quickest way to transfer these files/playlists to the new phone when I get it? There IS an easy way right???
  12. nicka3200

    nicka3200 Well-Known Member

    Just put your sd card into your new phone. You may loose your playlist sorting though because that is probably app data.

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