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The Boss App - Hide incriminating apps and windows on PC when the boss walks in

  1. Dito_Muertez

    Dito_Muertez New Member

    The Boss App - Demo - for a video demo

    The Boss App uses Androids motion sensor and network capability ot hide Windows PC applications you don't want seen.

    Say you're playing Farmville or checking your Fantasy lineup when the boss walks in the room.

    Relax, nudge your phone and instantly your computer shows only work.

    The Boss App

  2. MonsterByte

    MonsterByte Member

    Really, does this work?
    has anybody tried it yet?
  3. lordmaxx

    lordmaxx Well-Known Member

    This is too funny. Good luck with your app :)
  4. Dito_Muertez

    Dito_Muertez New Member

    Evidently a dumb idea to ask for feedback...

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