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  1. Questhate

    Questhate Well-Known Member

    So, after further investigation, it looks like the magnet sensor on my Nexus 7 does not work. I tried tripping it with fridge magnets, and nothing happened to the screen.

    Either there is a setting to activate the sensor that I'm overlooking, or I have a defective unit.

    So, it looks like the YooMee case is NOT the culprit afterall.

  2. burtonvdp

    burtonvdp Well-Known Member

    It can go either way. The spine of the case is separated from the cover and backing (A little solid piece is pressed between the leather) so you can make it flush BUT when folded over and flattened the cover (Now in the back) protrudes the length of the spine either on the left of the right. Depending on what part of the separation you use to flatten it out.

    I don't know if I'm explaining this right. I personally like the little extra material so I don't fold it flush. Since I hold the device primarily with my left hand... Oh and there is a little holding strap on that side too when its folded back.
  3. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Those big, brown plastic magnets probably aren't going to work. You need a small, strong disc magnet. There is no setting that I know of.
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  4. regression

    regression Well-Known Member

    This is what mine looks like when I fold the front cover over with this case: BLUREX Magyc folio Case

    As you can see, the left side is a lot higher than the right, which for me, makes it awkward holding it.

    And for dunjamon, I just received this case, Exact (TM) X Design TPU Case. It fits pretty well and makes it easier to hold. It isn't as slippery as the device by itself can be. However, the sides are not supper snug, so while holding it, the sides can pull away from the device.

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  5. burtonvdp

    burtonvdp Well-Known Member

    Mine does sit pretty flat... There is that flap on the back of the case which makes the right(ish) side thicker so that's why there is a little bow on the left but it feels good on the hand.

    Hope the pic helps?

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  6. regression

    regression Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the pic. I like your case a lot better than mine!
  7. GalaxyNexus

    GalaxyNexus Well-Known Member

  8. stridermt2k

    stridermt2k Well-Known Member

    Just an update: I did surgically remove the stylus holder from my YouMee case with a razor blade, but I still can't count that against 'em because it rocks.
  9. viffer800

    viffer800 Well-Known Member

    Just arrived. I'm happy to recommend it to those of us in the UK.

    The magnet turns the screen on & off as it opens & closes and the stylus works. Haven't tried the screen protector and not erally sure whether I will. Looks good quality though
  10. Skyroket

    Skyroket Well-Known Member

    i know it useless.. but've looked at some pic on amazon and i've noticed that earlier version have stylus holder location right the where volume up/down

    My came with stylus holder located down below..

    i took those pic from amazon// is that why you removed it? :rolleyes:

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  11. sycor

    sycor Well-Known Member

  12. Claghorn

    Claghorn Well-Known Member

    Looking at the pictures on amazon, it seems like the MoKo has better stylus loop placement and a cutout to give better access to the power/volume buttons. Now I wish I have gotten the MoKo :).
  13. umataro42

    umataro42 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tip. I used some scotch tape to get some of the little pieces of dust that got stuck under the cover. There were still a couple of small bubbles the last time I used it, but they're small enough to not bother me.
  14. nynvolt

    nynvolt Well-Known Member

    Bought a "SupCase" in black from Amazon. Think the total came to $14. It's very nice, has the wake/sleep feature magnet, magnetic closure and a flap that holds the front for a stand. It's fake leather but looks and feels real. Adds the typical bulk associated with this type of case. I like it. Its like a magic book lol.
  15. sycor

    sycor Well-Known Member

    Has any one tried a matte (anti-glare) screen protector or is everyone going with clear? I was just curious to see if the matte protector muted the screen at all.
  16. Questhate

    Questhate Well-Known Member

    To update my little saga on the YooMee case.

    It turns out, I was testing the wrong side of my tablet for the sleep/wake function. When I press a magnet against the correct side (left edge), it sleeps/wakes just fine. So it looks like my YooMee case got demagnetized during shipping.

    Coincidentally, YooMee emailed me following up with my pre-order and asked if I was satisfied with the product. I told them about my magnet issue. I also mentioned the stylus holder placement could be better. They offered to ship me a replacement case because of the defective magnet. No fuss, whatsoever.

    I've been thoroughly impressed with the customer service and responsiveness with this company so far. This is the extra mile that companies can go to ensure satisfied repeat customers.

    The representative also confirmed that they did indeed move the stylus holder further down to accommodate the volume buttons.

    Overall, I'm very satisfied with my case. It basically has all the features that I wanted:

    1) converts to a stand
    2) hand strap for one-handed holding support
    3) does not cover the bezel
    4) not overly bulky -- I feel this case is JUST bulky enough to be protective
    5) stylus holder a nice bonus

    It hits all of my preferences with a great design, and solid build quality. And to think that this is among the most inexpensive cases out there (~ $10).

    I would not hesitate recommending this case to anyone looking for a simple and cheap folio style case with some well-thought-out features.
  17. umataro42

    umataro42 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I'm using one, and as far as what I can see, it doesn't look muted, but I don't have a highly trained eye or anything. It feels a little different because its matte, but not in a bad way.
  18. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Me too. I love matte finish for screens.

    Hate finger prints and hate glare. :D
  19. hal1

    hal1 Well-Known Member

    could some of you post some pics of the N7 in the case (tell me wich case you have) with the case cover flipped around all the way back behind?
  20. zetroc

    zetroc Well-Known Member

    Any neoprene (or other protective material) sleeves that people are pleased with? I don't want a case because most I've seen are super bulky and ugly. The form factor of this bad boy is exceptional. I wish a smart cover a la iPad was available for the N7... hopefully this won't get lost in this thread! Any suggestion is appreciated!
  21. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    I got a cheap generic ereader/KF one at Walmart for my son's N7. Does just what I want, protects it when he is transporting it.
  22. sycor

    sycor Well-Known Member

    You might be interested in something like this: KaysCase S-Line TPU Case Cover for Google Nexus 7 inch Tablet Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (Blue): Computers & Accessories

    with just a screen protector put over the screen. The combination should keep it fairly well protected during transport unless you drop something directly on to the screen. I kind of wish I had found this before I ordered my Moko case.
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  23. Turbojoe

    Turbojoe Well-Known Member

  24. MartinS

    MartinS Well-Known Member

    I actually saw a smart case for the iPad properly for the first time this week (up close and handled anyway, I don't line in a cave!) and I loved it, just clips over with no back cover. That's what we need for the Nexus! It doesn't need a back cover in my opinion as it's soft and presumably won't scratch.

    All I'm after is a screen cover with wake up that acts as a stand.
  25. SamCarter

    SamCarter Active Member

    I picked up this one at a Gamestop: Case Logic LAPST-107 6 - 7-Inch Kindle Fire/Tablet/eBook Sleeve (Tannin): Electronics

    Nice sturdy "Impact Foam", near perfect fit. Should protect my Nexus nicely, since I wanna use it without a case on it. I've seen other Case Logic sleeves around, both thinner, and with the zipper on the long side or that extend around three sides instead of only one. Gamestop just happened to have the cheapest one I saw in a retail store.

    Yeah I just want something to cover the screen and protect it from scratches when I want to stick it in my bag. The back doesn't need covering.

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