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  1. runsondiesel

    runsondiesel Well-Known Member

    Have you guys seen this? The Casio C811. I have been considering going to a Razr Maxx HD in the next month or so. Looking at the specs of the Japanese market Type L, (said to be similar) my preliminary conclusion is that the processor, LTE, NFC, int'l GSM and camera are on par with the Maxx, I don't mind the weight and thickness, I can live with the screen size and resolution, but an 1800mah battery vs the Maxx's 3300 mah just doesn't cut it. I'll wait for more info though.

    FCC Outs Casio G'zOne Smartphone for Verizon (Phone Scoop)

    Casio's ruggedized G'z One Type-L Android phone hands-on | The Verge


  2. jova33

    jova33 Well-Known Member

    Looks slick!

    If I were still doing the whole infantry thing, I'd defiantly get this. I hope it's more open to rooting and ROMing. The commando was completely locked down.
    But hey, it's got jelly bean, that's a plus. And the article is comparing it to a razr hd..... Ok, dunk a razr hd in the swimming pool and see how it does.
  3. pegs520

    pegs520 Well-Known Member

    I hope it comes out just as nice here as it does in Japan.

    I spoke to someone who works at Verizon today, and he said that he saw plans for a 4G Casio phone coming in Quarter 4 (this quarter).

    Perfect timing for me - I'll have an upgrade in a month. I'll probably get this, unless the new splash-proof Razrs convince me they're worth it.

    EDIT: What ever happened to this phone?
  4. runsondiesel

    runsondiesel Well-Known Member

    I agree and once I even threw my Casio Rock into a swimming pool, looked at my brother and said "can your iPhone do THAT?" Lol. Still, a high capacity battery is something I'd use every day. In year and a half my Commando has never gone swimming. Features I'll use every day are more useful than those I may never use.

    Thank you for your service to the country.

    I forgot to add I saw yesterday that there is now a rooting method for the Razrs that works with both ICS and Jellybean.

  5. runsondiesel

    runsondiesel Well-Known Member

    Hopefully it went to Ugly Hell. I'm for function over form (styling). Once there was a car company called Hummer. Know what I mean?

  6. jova33

    jova33 Well-Known Member

    Every Gz'One I've owned went through rigorous testing by me lol. Broke a couple.
    But yeah, time for disability checks and college. I don't think I'll ever take another phone through the field again. The whole reason I bought my first Gz'One was because I brought my original razr flip phone to the field and it quit working. I took it to the phone shop and they opened it up and it was full of sand and dirt lol.
    My next phone, if it comes to Verizon, will be the LG Nexus 4
  7. pegs520

    pegs520 Well-Known Member

    Here's some good news on it, if you're planning to upgrade from your commando to this: from the looks of it, you might be able to keep your charge cradles.

    Featured: Meet The Military Grade Casio G


    It looks like it's on the other side, and a little off - but I'm sure with some tinkering, I could get it to work right.
  8. Sector7

    Sector7 Active Member

    what's wrong with these people, we've been screaming for better batteries and we get this again...ugh! :banghead:
  9. jova33

    jova33 Well-Known Member

    The commando's battery is good once you strip the software of all the unnecessary stuff. Turn off Wi-Fi and GPS when not in use. And have root access to set CPU profiles.
    Trust me, it's battery life is better than my galaxy nexus's battery. The GNex has a bigger screen, so most of the battery is used on that. I had to do some major tweaking to be able to get a work day out of it.
    I was never counting %s on my commando.

    But even so, mugen sold a pretty solid battery for the commando, I'm sure they'll produce another. For the commando 2.

    I'm still going to follow this phone, even if I never own one. I loved the G'zOne line. The ONLY problem I had with the commando, aside from the random reboots, was the OS being locked down and clogged with Verizon bloat.
    Hope Casio learned and listened. Customers want the option to install or remove what they want on the device they paid money for.
    Samsung listened to the consumer when Verizon requested an encrypted bootloader on the S3. They went ahead and leaked it for their users lol

    Edit: It has the "with Google" marking on the back. That doesn't mean it's a "true"android experience, but iirc, it's optimized to run Google stuff. Not all devices have the "with Google" marking on it. I would suspect you won't find Bing as the default search tool though lol
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  10. NE_Phil

    NE_Phil Well-Known Member

    Thank the gods for that. How stupid was Verizon for substituting bing for Google on an Android phone???

    I completely agree with the necessity of rooting. My last upgrade was build M070 and I am so happy I removed the updater after that. Rooting and removing all that crap does allow me to get through a day and sometimes two without having to put in on the charger.

    Let's hope Verizon Wireless thinks it through on the next version of the Commando. I know I won't buy another one unless I can root it.
  11. pegs520

    pegs520 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have any updates on this - such as a more specific release date?
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