The dangers of switching launchers from MotoBlur on the Atrix 2?General

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  1. Skyledavis

    Skyledavis Member

    Hello all. I've thought about switching launchers in the past, but I saw this thread and have been afraid. It's for Atrix, not the Atrix 2, but the solutions for getting back to MotoBlur seem pretty roundabout and problematic.

    I've been hesitant to try another launcher because of this reason. I kind of like MotoBlur on the Atrix 2 (I know, shocked gasps from everyone). I despise TouchWiz, because it's fairly boring, so I don't want to break what feels to me to be a pretty nice launcher. I also use the email viewer widget and calendar widget (I think this are Motorola widgets, right?) and I don't want those to not work.

    So, what I'm asking is... how dangerous is it to switch launchers? Can I get MotoBlur back if switch? Will my widgets stop working? Anything else I need to be aware of before I consider switching?

    Thanks everyone!

  2. fosterj

    fosterj Member

  3. Skyledavis

    Skyledavis Member

    I thought I'd check back in and say that switching launchers worked fine without any difficulty (so far). With Fosterj's encouragement (thanks!), I tried out my first launcher (Launcher 7, just to play), and was able uninstall it and go back to Android (since this is android, not WP7, there isn't WP7 style through the apps themselves or app-support for live tiles. without that, it's more a novelty than anything).

    The one thing that didn't work was home switcher. It kept crashing, and wouldn't let me set a default. I've heard mention of this before, though, so I suspect it has something to do with how Moto does Blur. Switching launchers replaced my home button defaults, but uninstalling got it right back. I didn't try it, but I suspect the settings adjustment in Fosterj's suggested thread would work fine, if I'd decided to keep both.

    Looking forward to trying a few other launchers now!
  4. miteshkothari

    miteshkothari New Member

    Try go launcher - I am using it currently on my Atrix2. Lot of customization options.

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