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The dreaded 'The process.com.android has stopped working unexpectedly' errorices not working' errorSupport

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  1. Mobilemoll

    Mobilemoll Member

    Why does this keep happening?

    I used to cram apps plus the Amazon App store and download things from Getjar.com. Received the error, reset device then decided not to use Getjar anymore. When I called Tmobile cust service, I was told that some low rated apps might cause the Streak to have problems. After a few weeks, the error popped up again. Tried soft resets until I realized another hard reset was in order. This time, no Amazon App store and I made sure the box for third party apps remained unchecked. Didn't download many apps and after awhile the error popped up again. Anyone else having this issue?

  2. cdzo72

    cdzo72 Well-Known Member

    are you restarting your streak and cleaning caches after every few app installs, if not then you should. If you and still getting problems then most like you have a problem with the internal SD, plenty of threads on how to swap it out for a bigger, faster one
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  3. Mobilemoll

    Mobilemoll Member

    I usually clean the cache-memory eraser a bit but never restarted after app installations. Didn't know you had to do that. Hopefully that's the problem and not the sd being flared up
  4. vinothpadi

    vinothpadi New Member

    Hi experts, sorry i m not having access to post new thread,

    i m new to android, i recently purchased unlocked honeycomb dell streak7 wifi+3g from walmart for 270$s. Just because i am new i am not fully satisfied with the interface.
    Below are my issues:
    unable to close any open windows, the windows keep on piling up. Even if i kill the service , it still showup.
    installing task manager/ advanced task killer is not closing this open windows.
    when i use self pics as wallpapers, it zooms in to some level n set. whatever you have set in settings is not displayed in home screen.

    i know these are not such a serious issue to be discussed in forum, but for a beginner its really frustating if basics needs are such complex. There is no manual given to show up how to open n close the window apps. please help me.

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