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The Esteem/Revolution Battery QuestionTips

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  1. AndShoob

    AndShoob Active Member

    Im looking for a need battery for my Esteem and I managed to find a battery + charging dock combo on amazon, but the dock and battery is for Verizon's Revolution. I know they're both the same phone but I need to be sure if the battery is the same for both. Any idea?

  2. Mexjoker

    Mexjoker I'm Not Real, Doris!

    I'm pretty sure they are the same setting as the only difference between the two is the internal storage size :)
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  3. AndShoob

    AndShoob Active Member

    Thanks for the help!! :D
  4. Mexjoker

    Mexjoker I'm Not Real, Doris!

    No problem o:D
  5. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Well-Known Member

    Same battery ;)
  6. Mrkline006

    Mrkline006 Member

    I believe they are the same, the case/screen protector from Revolution fit on my Esteem.
  7. cocokasper

    cocokasper Well-Known Member

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  8. cocokasper

    cocokasper Well-Known Member

    the above dock is the same as the one for the esteem that I bought for $60 from metroPCS.com (mine came with a pack, don't know if this does or not, but I'd recommend the new one.)

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