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  1. UnknownAlly

    UnknownAlly Well-Known Member

  2. rleal2010

    rleal2010 Well-Known Member

    can we just keep this thread open for people who receive the 2.2 update please. Make another thread for questions

    Thank you
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  3. trav2001

    trav2001 Well-Known Member

    Yes I think we can all do that. Sorry for straying off topic :)
  4. Iliketrains

    Iliketrains Well-Known Member

    wow, we better get an update pretty soon! then again, why am I not surprised...
  5. macavely

    macavely Well-Known Member

    well here in the east coast it is officially the last day of the year... and look no update... nice going t-mo.... I will being rooting my phone once I get over my hang over ..
  6. jjdd

    jjdd New Member

    Is it too early to start an "I got Gingerbread from T-Mobile" thread?
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  7. UnknownAlly

    UnknownAlly Well-Known Member

    I have been rooted for over 3 months with no problems, then one day I restarted my phone only for it to be bricked. I did everything right.

    Warning to all the rooters.

    I'm now forced to buy a new phone. I just purchased the G2 and waiting for it to arrive in the mail.
  8. andropiro123

    andropiro123 Member

    I hear that googles deadline for giving out froyo is jan 31, since they want to start distributing gingerbread now and so if we don't receive froyo by end of month we are f***ed
  9. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    I am guess that is why good old sammy is discontinuing the Galaxy S line (vibrant) lol.

    Don't believe me?

    look here:
    Free Samsung Vibrant: T-mobile
  10. Tangent

    Tangent Well-Known Member

    Lol, I love how for $100 more you can get a refurbished one. :p
  11. macavely

    macavely Well-Known Member

    I have come to terms that T-mo played me like and a class sucker....
  12. nvillamob

    nvillamob Well-Known Member

    How is it possible that there are 86 posts in the "I got 2.2 from T-mo thread"??
  13. Cramill

    Cramill Well-Known Member

    Because the thread was started when there were a lot of rumors that we would get the update "soon." I think that was around the time the original MyTouch got 2.2...

    Who knows when the Slide will get 2.2? This thread should probably be renamed to "still waiting for 2.2..."
  14. macavely

    macavely Well-Known Member

    Yea I should change the name of this thread.. To .. Do you feel like you just got beholded Too.
  15. PoweredByLE5

    PoweredByLE5 Well-Known Member

    Why? my friend just got one yesterday and it's the best phone i've ever seen! I'm jealous! makes me want it now! Or the mytouch 4G! Oh and he called tmobile and they sent him the ota for 2.2 maybe we should try that? No lies I was there when he did it and he has 2.2 now.
  16. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    myTouch Slide Update Delayed By Two Issues

    Mark my words t-mobile will continue to yank your chains on this update until June/July when the people that bought the phone on launch day will have their warranty expire and T-mobile will be quick to let you know that you can get $100 off any phone by signing a new 2 year contract.
  17. PoweredByLE5

    PoweredByLE5 Well-Known Member

  18. macavely

    macavely Well-Known Member

    That news sits well with me.. That I can understand.. If T-mobile would just have sent out and text to us saying this. .I would stop waiting for an update. The first problem I can do with out. Wifi calling.. But the 2nd problem I will wait for.
  19. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    Even though we were sold this phone as early as June with the understanding that froyo (which HTC already had released on the Nexus One) would be on the device "soon after release"?
  20. PoweredByLE5

    PoweredByLE5 Well-Known Member

    screw this im buying the 4G
  21. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    That is what T-mobile is banking on.

    I might be black balled on T-mobile's customer service (see the the other thread) but I got a free G2 and kept my slide and full upgrade (took the Nexus S back) for when the HSPA 42 phones come out later this year.

    Complain. Complain. Complain.
  22. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    Just got off the phone with customer service over a billing issue and I was asked how I like my G2 I replied "I love it, it's a million times better than my Slide" the convo continued and I told him the reason I hated the Slide the most was its lack of support from T-mobile and he told me "that froyo was never promised and due to the complications with wifi calling and the partition issue that the Slide would most likely never see froyo".

    I don't usually take their words for anything just thought I would throw it out there
  23. macavely

    macavely Well-Known Member

    So what was the whole no phone left behind thing was all about ?
  24. RPG Master

    RPG Master New Member

    So, if I wine about how crappy my phone is, they'll possible give me another phone besides the Slide?
  25. Cramill

    Cramill Well-Known Member

    Heres an interesting graph:


    Yay for HTC, but we Slide users are in the 50% of HTC phones not updated...

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