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  1. Mitch2012

    Mitch2012 Active Member

    For some reason Video Wiz is not working on my phone. My daughter's Motion can run this fine and seems like most people here too. It might be some other app I have installed that broke Video Wiz, just my guess. See my other thread.

    So I did some online research for video editors and came up with Andromedia Video Editor.

    I'm really impressed with this application. Of all the ones I researched this is the most powerful and intuitive. I have used Adobe Premiere for years and this software for Android is really worth the download. For some people it doesn't works, that's how I explain that it doesn't have five stars in the Android Play Market but I guess if it works in my Motion LG it must work for most everybody else. What's the use of having a phone with a powerful video capture engine if you don't have a powerful video editor?

    Check out this youtube video:

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  2. Mitch2012

    Mitch2012 Active Member

    After using this longer I've found some things like the pan & zoom has screens too big to use the buttons.
  3. Mitch2012

    Mitch2012 Active Member

    Not recommending this app anymore. it is a great piece of software but it installs push adds in your status bar. This is annoying and I just uninstalled. A shame, the developer should charge for this app and not resort to sneaking push adds. I would be willing to pay $5.00 or more for an updated ADD FREE version of this app.

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