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  1. Darevolution

    Darevolution Active Member

    Wow Information on this tablet is definitely hard to find. No threads here. Only one non Lenovo review on youtube. I'm in the market for a tablet and this seems like a viable contender but I'd like to get the opinions from my fellow Androiders. So far the Galaxy 10.1 seems like King of the Honeycomb but compared to other tablets seems to be less cost effective with no ports and only 16gb at the $499 price point where most other tablets offer 32gb. Is the Ideapad K1 the only HC tablet with native Netflix streaming? Any help or first hand reviews would be greatly appreciated.

  2. redbird

    redbird New Member

    The thinkpad is due to be released on the 23rd. That should generate more reviews.

    I have been watching this section for a few weeks and expected something solid by now.
  3. Darevolution

    Darevolution Active Member

    I'm really surprised that there's absolutely no talk about this tablet yet. I figured The Ideapad K1 would get more hype since it's geared for a main stream market as opposed to the Thinkpad which is more suited for business needs. But I guess we'll have to just wait and see.
  4. max291

    max291 Member

    the'll launch this tablet tomorrow morning in malaysia. mybe not so much hype bcos most people does not familiar with lenovo.
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  5. Kidromulous

    Kidromulous New Member

    I uboxed and will be reviewing on my blog next week. Im also willing to test for anyone working on this.
  6. Darevolution

    Darevolution Active Member

    Do you have a link to your blog? I'm ready to buy a tablet this week and leaning towards the sgt 10.1 but still holding out hope that the ideapad k1 is a contender.
  7. Shofar

    Shofar Well-Known Member

    To eliminates some confusion why not rename this forum:
    ThinkPad Tablet.

  8. redbird

    redbird New Member

    I looked around on the fourms and never was able to find one on the thinkpad. It is time for a new one specifically for it;)
  9. effingpot

    effingpot Member

    The ThinkPad tablet and the K1 are two different devices. K1 is the consumer oriented one and the Think Tablet for businesses. I have the K1 but would love to have a look at the Think tablet more closely.

  10. bearballz

    bearballz Well-Known Member

    I just up picked a K1 up for $350.00 from CompUsa and really like it! Lenovo makes great stuff so I'm surprised most of the reviews have been mostly "meh" about it. Has the same Tegra processer as the other tablets out there. First thing I did was download all the updates and haven't had any issues with it.

    Speed is fine and some of the apps bundled with it are actually cool (although I did did delete about half of them). I don't use that launcher widget but it is a cool idea though. Nice tablet all around!
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  11. bearballz

    bearballz Well-Known Member

    Cnet has a short video posted on their site. Looks nice but seems a bit more business orientated and bland looking. I do like that pen thats bundled with it for drawing on the screen.
  12. Bossjack

    Bossjack New Member

    Hello Everyone,
    In regards to the Lenovo ideapad k1 tablet, I just purchased one Sunday at Office Max for $349.99. The 32gb one. I must say I really enjoy it. So far everything seems to work flawlessly.

    Beautiful screen with vivid colors and hd quality clarity. Seems to be build with excellent care and workmanship. A respectable piece of equipment. Wi-Fi picks up my in house router pretty good. Surfing the internet while strolling throughout my home is no problem. This tablet boots and shuts down quickly and response is very fast while moving around the screen.

    Played Need for Speed on it the other day and I was quite impressed. Plays and looks as good on this tablet as it does on my gaming desktop computer.

    Netflix also looks very good. Along with YouTube videos. So far I am very pleased with my new tablet. And as you can see, I have put it through some tough testing. Battery life is excellent. After a full charge and heavy testing, it lasted about 8.5 hours, which I consider very good. Audio could be a bit louder. But I could hook up some better speakers too. All in all. For the price you just can't beat it. I like how Lenovo spruced up the Android 3.1 honeycomb operating system.

    I have compared this (specs wise) with some of the other heavy hitters out there and did quite a few reviews over the internet. I feel this tablet will make me proud to have purchased it Besides I love Android!:)

    Go play with one at your nearest computer store that has them. That's what I did. Judge for yourself. Hope this helps.
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  13. chrisnk1

    chrisnk1 Member

    K1 bricked. No root. No recovery. Nobody seems to care about this one...
    Good thing i bought a thrive as well huh.
  14. Mongoo

    Mongoo New Member

    Call Lenovo support. They are very responsive and will replace the tablet under your 1 year warranty.
  15. Blue04gto

    Blue04gto Member

    I was wondering if you guys could help me im having major issues with my k1 tablet wen i got it it had android 3.1installed on it and everything worked fine but once i installed the 3.2.1 my tablet wont play any flash videos for more than 1 minute without the video pausing by itself and becoming unplayable unless i refresh the internet page and even after the refresh it still freezes at the one minute mark.i also noticed a lot of force close in the browser with flash heavy content which all of these worked fine on android 3.1 ive tried a factory reset and it still does the samething is there anything u guys know wat to do to fix this or is there any way to fix this ot get it reported to be fixed?? Or is there anyway i can go back to android 3.1 and if so how and where would i get the original software?? Any input is greatly appreciated.

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