The iPhone is coming to US Cellular!

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  1. tritiumman

    tritiumman Well-Known Member

  2. Zebulon

    Zebulon Well-Known Member

    Lame. They need to focus on what they have already, which is a decent selection of Android phones. They just need a flagship 4G phone that will make people drool. If USCC got the Galaxy Note in with 4G, I would crap myself with joy.

    iPhones? Meh.
  3. boxer1832

    boxer1832 Member

    I picked up a new Motorola Electrify yesterday at the Freeport, IL USCC store (Fantastic phone!).

    I asked the seemingly forthright rep about USCC and iPhone. She said immediately that they had received a corporate email stating USCC would not be receiving the iPhone.
  4. grayman

    grayman Active Member

    If I recall correctly, US Cellular was offered the opportunity to carry the new iPhone (much like similar regional carriers like C-Spire) and declined. I think US Cellular is content with its lineup of smart phones and sees no need to upset the balance with the iPhone. If for no other reason, it would be a problem because it would not be eligible for the battery swap program.
  5. terrible0ne

    terrible0ne New Member

    Because a giant half-breed mutation between a phone and a tablet is soooo useful. They are selling like hotcakes too. Have yet to see a single person hoisting it to their face.

  6. Zebulon

    Zebulon Well-Known Member

    Actually, Samsung sold about two million of them in the first couple of months alone, so yes, they have been selling quite well.

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