The lg optimus G has better specs than the nexus 4. Can I install the JB base on the G?Support

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  1. EricErb

    EricErb New Member

    So I'm a newb to android. I've been an iPhone Jailbreak Guy but apple has fallen behind. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but I can't find an answer anywhere... The Nexus 4 is built on the LG Optimus G but the G has LTE and Larger storage options. Can I install the base Android OS on the G after it's rooted? Let me go ahead and answer everybody's first question... Why? Because I don't want the LG skin or bloat, and I want Android updates as google releases them. I'm also open to modding so If I can crack it open and solder in 32GB I'm good with that too. Thanks Everyone.

  2. bigcid10

    bigcid10 New Member

    JB for LG optimus g in december

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