the list of 3d games playable on Optimus EliteTips

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  1. arthurbliss

    arthurbliss New Member

    got optimus elite about a month ago and I was surprised by how this $70, entry level phone can play some of latest, good looking 3d games so well. so here's list of about a few really popular, well known 3d games that this phone can handle, so some of willing buyers of the games and/or the phone may get some info from here before their decision.

    oh mine is rooted and have Giantpune's kernel that overclocks the phone from 1ghz to 1.6ghz. I doubt there are games that are not playable on stock while playable on overclocked, but please expect lower frame rates if you decide not to overclock.

    Asphalt 7: this newest version of the most popular racing game is definitely playable on OE. background textures look very bland, but the cars, roads, and effects look vey pretty and you can really enjoy the game with minimal lag.

    Dead Trigger: probably the most pretty looking games that OE can handle. virtually no stutter or lag. and this FPS looks very great with its stunning visuals and scary looking zombies.

    Heroes call: good looking 3d dungeon crawler RPG. playable without lag. good looking graphics.

    Madden NFL 12: prolly the graphic is set on the lowest set, but playable. no lag no stuttering etc. dont expect pretty visuals though.

    Frontline Commando: really good looking shooter. no lag. playable.

    Grand Theft Auto III-though google play store did not say OE is not compatible and let me bought it, but the phone did not let me install. I don't know....i read some of Kyocera Rise (same msm 8655 and adreno 205 chip as OE) users had success installing it, but not so sure about our OE. at least for now, not playable. YMMV.

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  3. DsyMnapTic

    DsyMnapTic Well-Known Member

    Wow, never knew you could play a multiplayer game online like critical strike with this phone. Pretty friggin sweet, almost like having socom on your phone.
  4. Heck yeah its good but a lil data hog, the zombie one is slick too but its like 500 mb.
  5. DsyMnapTic

    DsyMnapTic Well-Known Member

    Do you know of any that might be more like a mini skyrim? Or others with like open world maps that you can run around in? I know its just Android, lol, but I've been impressed already.
  6. kakapopo

    kakapopo Well-Known Member

    Eternal Legacy: console qaulity final fantasy like game no lag at all. Not on google play can buy at gameloft's website or do what I did and torrent it.

    Battle Bears Royale:By far the best android game ever created but you need wifi to play it. Lags a bit sometimes but totally playable and free.

    Dead Space: Amazing graphics, never played on optimus elite but played on my old optimus v, it ran but was laggy at times especially when fighting hoards of aliens. I torrented it too.
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  7. Dark One

    Dark One Well-Known Member Contributor

    How big is the download for Eternal Legacy?
  8. kakapopo

    kakapopo Well-Known Member

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  9. Dark One

    Dark One Well-Known Member Contributor

    It looks like it's more than that. I have 730mb clear and it says I need another 623. I moved something to internal and the number went down to 618.
  10. kakapopo

    kakapopo Well-Known Member

    Oh, I looked in my game directory and it says 621.98mb

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