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  1. cfmistry

    cfmistry Active Member

    A few questions for you guys:

    1. I thought there was a new gmail widget or something like that? It seems like the same old icon to me, there is no gmail widget in my list.

    2. My mail is now not popping up as a notification (I check, notification settings are on). The bubble and unread count pop up on the icon, but nothing in the notification bar and no flashing light.


  2. travler956

    travler956 New Member

    Updated last night. My first reaction today was it seems that battery life has been halved, despite documentation's claim to be improved. Perhaps it is just perceptual, since charge time does seem much longer than before. Perhaps I was never getting a full charge, just a full meter display.
  3. baciv

    baciv Active Member

    I have yet to receive the update, but from what I've gathered your experience is not uncommon among those choosing to post. I think what you need to consider is the classic Upgrade Vs. Clean Install argument- and now that you have the update, do a factory reset. Taking the time to revert your upgraded software to a fresh start should pay off in improved performance immediately given your issues. Perhaps pausing after the reset- and before reloading all your additional software- to defrag your storage would also be in your best interest. That's the path I plan to follow after receiving the update, for what it's worth.
  4. bjplaw

    bjplaw Member

    I am having this same problem - Amazon MP3, Skype Mobile, and also VZ Navigator! I can't get rid of any of them, nor can I stop them from running, and it is sucking my battery! I can usually get through the day with just my nightly charge, but I'll be lucky to get to the end of my workday today, and I haven't even been on the phone as much as I often am!
    This was the first thing I noticed - I always used the menu button for unlock (and apparently can't stop trying ... most annoying). :(
  5. bird jam

    bird jam Well-Known Member

    Since I updated with the official OTA this morning, some of my music is now not being recognized by the stock music player the way it was before. Several albums - all of them regular CDs I bought and ripped to my computer and then put on the phone - that used to have the artist names now say "Unknown Artist" and are all lumped together in the same Unknown Artist folder.

    Anyone else notice this? Any way to fix it?
  6. todoubled

    todoubled Member

    I read through this whole post to and didn't see this posted anywhere. If you use the stock browser in landscape and go to use the keyboard it no longer takes over the entire screen. An example would be typing something in google search before while using landscape the keyboard took over the window. Now it just takes up half the screen so you can now take advantage of the suggestions google makes as you type. Notice this earlier today.
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  7. accohn12

    accohn12 Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to let everyone know that with the new 2.2 update I can now rotate both ways in landscape mode for typing messages, reading messages/content, etc.
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  8. Terabethia

    Terabethia Well-Known Member

    I have been running it for a couple of days now and my experience is completely different from your's.

    The battery always dropped 4-7% within 30 minutes or so. This is the reason for the million of threads we see on here about bumb charging. So no change there...

    My battery life has improved by about 10% or so.

    I charge overnight so I have no idea if that is slower or not. All I know is that it fully charges in the time it takes me to sleep :D I have seen several reports of this so you are probably correct.

    My phone is MUCH faster. It was fast before but now it's insane. I actually had to turn down the home screen scrolling speed in my Launcher Pro app because it was going too fast. My quadrant scores went from 550-600 (with 2.1) to 1200-1400 (with 2.2).

    Flash is working fine as far as I can tell. Everything I have tried it on worked great.

    My browser speed is pretty much the same. No improvement that I can notice, but not slower by any stretch of the imagination.

    You might want to try a factory reset if you are having this many problems. I really don't think it's normal.
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  9. cooksalot

    cooksalot Well-Known Member

    You know after playing around awhile I reflashed my CWM, super user, and busy box so I could restore my apps from when I was rooted. I used my Titanium Backup to uninstall the HTClockscreen.apk. Maybe that's why the menu button unlock works for me. :confused:
  10. kgkg

    kgkg Active Member

  11. TheGoatLantern

    TheGoatLantern Well-Known Member

    Also does the same when using the browser
  12. GAUG3

    GAUG3 Well-Known Member

    SAWEEEET!!! Charging and watching something sucked because I could never lay the phone down without tilting my head to the side.
  13. Karuk

    Karuk Well-Known Member

    I installed the RUU. I'm a big fan of a fresh install. Its really easy to do when you use appbrain because you can quickly install all your orig apps quickly.

    Speed is increased in almost all areas. Battery life seems a little worse but I use my phone more than the average person. Wifi on 12 hours a day. Downloading 100mb+ of podcasts and music a day. Streaming iheartradio. 3 email accounts. Tapatalk. etc.

    Flash has worked really well for me as well.
  14. ilinimud

    ilinimud Well-Known Member

    I also used the RUU, no problems here!
  15. wedgemoose

    wedgemoose Well-Known Member

  16. killadanny

    killadanny Well-Known Member

    Flash, Speed, hd recording, ya know, the small stuff. :)
  17. kayst

    kayst Well-Known Member

    I really like this background but don't want it to be "live". Anyone have a link to just the plain .jpg of the image?

    I found this solution on the forums here, but have not tried it because I haven't gotten a popup.
    Dial ##7764726
    Hit Call
    Type Password 000000 (6 0s)
    Hit Feature Settings
    Choose CD ROM
    Click Disable
    Hit menu, commit modifications (it will say no item changed)
  18. Celerity

    Celerity Member

    Thanks, hadn't even noticed!
  19. elwray

    elwray Well-Known Member

    Does 2.2 provide the capability to watch animated gif's in a browser?
  20. kayst

    kayst Well-Known Member

    Doesn't seem to work for videos from the gallery or rockplayer. They still only go one way. Anyone know of a player that will rotate the other way?
  21. JuniorNA

    JuniorNA Well-Known Member

    One of the things I envied the most from the (iPhone All Generations) was the camera in portrait mode. I felt like we were losing so much vertical space and using pointless and wasted horizontal space.

    For example, if you're taking a picture of 2 people you had to back up just to get their full bodies in the picture, and then have to crop because of all the extra space you caught on left and right.

    The greatest thing now is a vertical camera option or portrait view and that makes the picture SO much better to take now. I love it and I just wanted to share with you guys that this option, while small and pretty insignificant to some, is a big option to others. One man's garbage is another man's treasure.

    Just wanted to share that and hear if others agree.

    Btw, all my settings are on auto, except my MP size is 5mp instead of 8 because I find when I use the 8mp setting, the phone resizes the picture to a point where it's basically a thumbnail when sending it via MMS. That part I do hate. We have such nice cameras on the D-Inc, and the MMS app resizes it to 80kb out of 1200kb. It's ridiculous. They should have set it up to resize teh picture automatically to the max of the MMS. so if the picture is 3 MB large, resize it to 1200kb instead of something like 80kb. I never understood WHY certain pictures resigned smaller than others, but then i thought about it and realized that some pictures have more imagry, thus creating a larger image and furthermore, the OS resized it accordingly.

    So what i started to do now, is just email my photos to friends instead of MMS, unless it's something stupid or funny that does not require a good quality picture.

    What are your opinions of the portrait Cam in 2.2
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  22. desperado

    desperado Well-Known Member

    Works great, has three power settings to use the camera led's as a flashlight.

    Nice! another great way to drain the battery :D
  23. andydg

    andydg Member

    Flash I guess and being able to rotate 270 deg. Other than that I'm pretty unhappy with it, too much lag. Can I downgrade back to 2.1?
  24. POG322

    POG322 Member

    Ya, but I had the flashlight feature on my old ATT Moto Q and I used it quite a bit as stupid as it may sound. I was actually excited to see them include the flashlight feature in 2.2
  25. Droidin

    Droidin Active Member

    Notes Widget ...... very cool

    (and no, I wasn't going to wade through all the irrelevant posts to see if it's an R)

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