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The Micro USB plug wiggles excessively when plugged inSupport

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  1. lousk

    lousk Member

    Great forum - thank you so much for sharing your experience and reviewing the Lenovo A1 tablet.

    I purchased mine yesterday as an Open-Box from a retailer. The micro USB plug is wiggling excessively when plugged into the A1 tablet mainly up and down. In addition, a slight finger push upward it emits a similar click sound of a micro swith - is that all normal with other users' experience?

    Your input is truly appreciated.

  2. emorrison33

    emorrison33 Active Member

    I don't have that problem with mine. The connection is fairly tight.
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  3. txrose72

    txrose72 Well-Known Member

    The same here. No problems. The micro USB jacks are easy to break if the plug is inserted upside down and forced. They sometimes have to be wiggled gently to be certain they are inserted correctly. The jack looks easy to break. I have never broken one but I have seen several full sized USB jacks on other peoples equipment broken for that reason. The A1 jack is upside down when the screen is up (the USB symbol on the plug should be down) which is back wards from the normal jack orientation.
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