The more i read the more i'm confused

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  1. okmate

    okmate Member

    OK so i'm not a total newb I've rooted my old x8 before.
    But why when i come back to rooting my new htc wildfire do i find it so confusing .
    I've bean reading so many posts my head is shot' and now don't no where to start this site is a real mess and needs tidying for it to be valued by members:confused:

  2. Malachi95

    Malachi95 New Member

    I know how you feel. So many technical terms, no help at all
  3. fabgav

    fabgav New Member

    I agree with you about the forums!, but what I found confusing is there seems to be about a million different way to root with a million different flash programs or whatever there are.

    I eventually did mine following two different threads -
  4. fabgav

    fabgav New Member

    oh and this one Revolutionary as mentioned in the 2nd link above

    good luck

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