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The most annoying autocorrectSupport

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  1. TheInfinite

    TheInfinite New Member

    Can't post an image because I'm a new member but I can describe the problem.

    The Autocorrect bar appears over the top part of the keyboard so its really difficult to press any of QWERTYUIOP when I'm trying to send a text, tweet or use any other app I get the same problem.:confused:

    Either pulling out the battery or restarting my phone usually fixes it but now it stays in annoying mode.

    BTW, I know I could turn the autocorrect off but for the sake of understanding my messages it's best to keep it on.

  2. Mehta23

    Mehta23 Well-Known Member

    Are you using the stock HTC keyboard? If so, I think you can long click on that bar and drag it up, out of the way

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