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  1. Bigshowfardy

    Bigshowfardy New Member

    I know this has been done before on many a site but I thought I'd try customize it for the HTC Legend. I just recently bought this phone and have tried several apps of them all the "Must haves" for me so far are

    Meebo Im ( an Im client that handles them all bar skype )
    Advanced task killer ( can shut off the apps running in the background and speed up your phone )

    Google Sky Map ( this is just cool takes your GPS reading and gives you a map of all the stars you point your phone at )

    So far these are the ones that caught my attension please add as you feel fit

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  2. androidache

    androidache New Member

    Wow that sounds amazing, how do you download the google sky app? in fact any app, i'm new to this!
  3. Cosmo Kramer

    Cosmo Kramer Member

    You should try not using your Task Killer.

    I used one for a while when I first got the phone. I was constantly killing apps but soon realised after a bit of research that Android doesn't need it.

    It runs just aswell , possibly better without it. I didn't notice any difference in battery life either. Give it a try.
  4. koh.yenlai

    koh.yenlai Member

    Agreed with Cosmo Kramer, installed ATK and use for 2 weeks, feel useless and battery gone faster, so uninstall-ed, Android doesn't need that though..
  5. mcta

    mcta Active Member

    Now I wonder what Im dong wrong. Apps seem to eat up the ram, causing the phone to slow down after a few days. And about once a week I have to actually switch off the phone (press n hold the power button) because somehow the network reception dies. Anyone have this problem of the network reception?
  6. skeleb

    skeleb Member

    I think it's just natural to boot up the phone. I boot my phone after a few days of use.
  7. Frostation

    Frostation Active Member

    The number 1 app I found is "WatchDroid" this is a must have app, it can find a lost phone by texts etc, try the lite version, 100% worth buying for 1 Euro 32 cents!
  8. yeti101

    yeti101 Active Member

    love google sky map awesome app.

    " Layar " is another insane app. Its free Download it from android market you can do a youtube search to watch a demo. Its totally crazy it combines your camera & gps with the internet and icons appear on your screen as you pan round with the camera it shows the direction of these places/events. The options are virtually endless, search for fast food places nearby, pubs, clubs , theatre, golf courses, play virtual games, search upcoming events, wikipedia , google search intergration. Bonkers mate im still playing with it to see what else it can do.
  9. E-One

    E-One Active Member

    I must try that Advanced task battery can't hold much time :(
  10. yeti101

    yeti101 Active Member

    heres my tips for extending battery life.

    1. Get a screen brightness widget there is one on the HTC power widget that comes with the phone. Theres also a few on android market for free. The default screen brightness eats the battery. With the widget you can keep it on the lowest setting which is fine for indoor use, if your outside use the widget to turn it up. This is the biggest battery saving method i have found.

    2. Theres an app called "juice defender" you get a free version and a paid version which has more options. I ended up buying "ultimate juice" for the extra features. Its ok but screen brightness i think makes a bigger diffirence.

    3. Make sure in your options you have the screen to turn off automatically after 1 minute. Again this is becuase the screen power eats battery you dont want it on when your not using it.

    hope that helps.
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  11. XON1

    XON1 Well-Known Member

    Also, make full use of the built in power control widget, it's very handy indeed!
  12. GeoffBot

    GeoffBot Well-Known Member

    Handcent SMS is a massive improvement on the inbuilt app. K-9 (e) Mail is superior to the standard offering. I user Lookout mobile anti-virus, and Layar is a cool augmented reality (AR) app with local search visible through the camera.
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  13. joshorilla

    joshorilla Member

    Sorry, decided to go offline :)
  14. E-One

    E-One Active Member

    thanks i will try that..
  15. OJsakila

    OJsakila Well-Known Member

    A hard reset using the power/camera button method did amazing things for my battery.
  16. ManchesterUTD

    ManchesterUTD Active Member

    HourFace 3D - You take a picture of your face, and within minutes this 3d face of yours is created, with a bar at the bottom for age, I laughed so much. It's incredibly brilliant
  17. zappa420

    zappa420 Active Member

    any of these are amazing keyboard apps that allow you to "draw" the word you want to type, it's a lot faster than traditional typing, i got the slideit demo and it works great, not sure what the difference between the demo and full version is.
  18. king chillout

    king chillout Active Member

    I had juice defender on my Legend, but the problem I had with it was the lag it caused between swiping the open screen and the android starting up. It wasn't a long wait, but it was enough to cheese me off after a few days, so I deleted it.
  19. yeti101

    yeti101 Active Member

    weird becuase i dont get any lag when i swipe to open the phone on mine. I'm running the paid version ultimate juice.
  20. juux

    juux New Member

    Wi-fi Analyzer - Great for optimising wi-fi coverage, checking out which open access points may be about etc. - Free version is good enough (ads can be disabled for a period of time), if I used more than occasionally then I'd definitely pay. - Great to have my library wherever I go.

    Robo Defense - Tower defence game. One of the first things I downloaded when I got my Legend, paid for the full version almost straight away and am still playing it every day nearly two months later.

    Dimmer widget - One click drops/restores screen brightness down to lowest level, great for nocturnal browsing/gaming.

    Barcode Scanner - Checks prices for goods online when you scan a 1D barcode, links to websites and the Android Market with QR Codes. I'm really getting used to using this when out and about for comparing prices, it works really well.

    LED Scroller Lite - Turns your phone display into a scrolling marquee of any text, much like the old Windows screensaver. Great for winding people up across the pub, or flashing rude messages to other cars (only joking)
  21. inspirohost

    inspirohost Member

    What I found quite disappointing was that this phone with everything it promises lacked something so simple as multiple profiles or the ability to create new profiles. It gave me three default profiles to choose from, one of which was silent and another vibrate. Now that's not too many options is it? It would've been great if it had at least 5 or more default, editable profiles and the ability to create custom profiles as well since these definitely come in handy. Did anyone else find this annoying?

    So I searched for an app which provides this functionality and viola, I found several. The Simple Profile Manager I think is the best I've used so far: Simple Profile Manager v1.0 Application for Android | Multimedia Does exactly what it's supposed to and works great.

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