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  1. HercsHepster

    HercsHepster Member

    I will DEFINITELY be getting this whenever it comes out. . . . Sorry to make y'all drool. Check it out from CES 2012: The concept of G-SHOCK PHONE is 10 feet (3 meters) from the height of drop impact, 1 atm (10 meters), waterproof, and withstand one ton. [​IMG] Here is a link: New G-Shock Phone at CES 2012 |

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  2. HercsHepster

    HercsHepster Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] :eek:
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  3. Rafael

    Rafael Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting this!
    I am glad they are pushing for more-rugged devices.
    They need to maintain the corner on the market for mass-market ruggednsss.

    I hope they also made progress on battery life. This is much more important to me than speed and high-tech features.
  4. john58ford

    john58ford Well-Known Member

    best part; I see tactile keys so we can find a mad genius to make us a hardware recovery... the worst part it looks bigger, bulkier and oddly shaped... harder to conceal comfortably. And I thought a forward facing camera (though I would have no imediate need for one) was a pre requisite for a standard install of ICS/4.0 (not a special cooked manufacture work around for certain phones they have recently charged way too much for). It would suck to be left behind for another generation even after being stranded with a less than one year old non ICS phone already(yeah I said it it's not official but I'm not holding my breath)... It would be like carying a waterproofed/ruggedized OG Droid today... actualy it almost seems like we are, this phone matches out in spec with the winmo phone I bought that competed on the showroom floor with the OG back in the day. If it wasn't the most durable phone out I sure wouldn't be caught using it. If the next one is as mediocre in spec I might just have to pass it by.
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  5. Emgo

    Emgo Active Member

    I would have to agree with you. If anything we need a slightly sleeker phone with maybe a rubber bumper around the perimeter instead of the shiny trim that shows every time it's been dropped (like what we have now). I was concerned that the new designed would be released and I would be so disappointed in the one I have now I would have sell a kidney to get the new one. Looks like my organs are not going to end up on ebay.

  6. cbreze

    cbreze Well-Known Member

    Interesting. I couldn't find any additional spec info by googling. Shows a sim slot so either it's LTE capable or CDMA/GSM world phone or a plain gsm period. It's definitely different looking tho. I much prefer the commando as it is currrently in the looks dept. I'm hoping for an upgraded commando2 perhaps. I've def been spoiled by my current commando and don't mind the slower speeds/processors as trade off for the rest of it's goodies. Guess we'll see, maybe around April/May as that would put it at the year mark.
  7. HercsHepster

    HercsHepster Member

    The above photos were taken CES 2012, and those concept phones were not removed from the acrylic case the photos were in when these pictures were taken. I am guessing that Casio will be watching the reaction these photos elicit, and then make some design refinements. . . I for one hope they keep their Top of the line speaker standard with this one.
  8. runsondiesel

    runsondiesel Well-Known Member

  9. HercsHepster

    HercsHepster Member

    I sure hope the above post does't mean I didn't hold out long enough!
  10. cbreze

    cbreze Well-Known Member

    I'm still thinking the time line for a verizon release which is usually around annually for some of their upgraded devices will be April/May. Could the phone in the pics be destined for the military? That would explain the sim slot also as I would think they would need GSM, not cdma.
    In any case the pictured phone is to weird looking for my taste. Give me an upgraded commando tho and I'd be all in. I'm finding the benefits of a phone like the commando as it is, far outweigh the latest and greatest of the newer LTE stuff. I've not been this pleased with a phone since my old Nokia E90 and that does take me back a few. ;)
  11. jova33

    jova33 Well-Known Member

    I hope Casio checks these forums, cause that thing is ugly.

    that really does look like a piece of military equipment, all it needs is to be colored OD green and given an acronym. I like the ruggedness of the commando, and it looks fine. Just needs its insides retuned.

    Edit: I have seen in military news that they were testing various smartphones for field operations. I couldn't see an iPhone holding up to any testing even with an otter box. I just don't see how any type of touch screen would work in a muddy, dirty environment with dirty hands and gloves.
  12. ~aRBy~

    ~aRBy~ Well-Known Member

    Im new here, but have been reading and lurking for a few months,

    But anyway, even though I think this new style is kind of ugly, I did notice that it is not plastered with Verizon branding. :confused:
  13. jova33

    jova33 Well-Known Member

    I wonder if gz'one and g-shock are two different departments at Casio.
  14. cbreze

    cbreze Well-Known Member

    I googled G-Shock and I got all their watches to pop up. I didn't know they called them that. So I would say yes as to two diff depts.
    BTW, People still wear watches??:rolleyes:
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  15. dodgef25

    dodgef25 Well-Known Member

    I did the same thing. It is a blue tooth watch. LOL come on!

    That phone is thick as hell. Hopefully it is not as BIG as it looks. I like that is has a pressure test, now I can run it over with my car.

    I love our Commandos.
  16. cbreze

    cbreze Well-Known Member

    Bluetooth watches?:rolleyes: Am I ever behind the times:D
  17. Hotel

    Hotel Member

    I definitely want one of these
  18. kb0nly

    kb0nly Well-Known Member

    If it has the same ruggedness of the G'zOne then i want one!

    Looks cool to me, some think ugly cause its not their cup of tea, but it reminds me of some newer electronics, has that techy futuristic look. As long as its as rugged as the current phone i will buy one when it comes out.
  19. snb

    snb New Member

    "that really does look like a piece of military equipment, all it needs is to be colored OD green and given an acronym"

    Heck, I'll stand in line for one if they come out in OD green!
  20. eltee

    eltee Active Member

    In the past, some of the G'zOnes were released in Asia prior to hitting the states. In the case of the Type V, they stripped out the built in electronic compass and forced you to use the at-cost navigation.

    Hope a full featured version of this comes out in the U.S. soon.

    Troops in the sandbox and cops in the states are using the iPhones in Otterboxes, etc. as there are lots of tactical apps (inc. some for the US military only) for the iPhone. Hopefully the same apps will be available for our O.S. soon.
  21. bigdanmeys13

    bigdanmeys13 Active Member

    +1 on the O.D. Green! I like the look of Casio's phones. If I wanted some dainty, pretty phone, I'd buy a Razr. Its a rugged phone, make it look rugged.
  22. Rockbeast

    Rockbeast Member

    How about that pink camo pattern...does it come in that? ;)
    I'm trying to find out if anything new has come out about this device. So far, I've only seen the info of it's 'showing' at CES. Nobody seems to have actually operated one, handled one, written a review of one. So far, it seems that this mock up (probably non-operational) is all there is to see.
  23. bigdanmeys13

    bigdanmeys13 Active Member

    That's how it was with Commando. Verizon rep told me about it right after CES last year. I googled it every day, and right up till it came out, the only info I could find was CES pics and coverage. I imagine we'll have to wait till around April before any more is known.
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  24. Rockbeast

    Rockbeast Member

    No foolin'?

    Ah well, guess I'll have to do something else to occupy my mind until April.
  25. Magnaclip

    Magnaclip Member

    The sim card slot also could be just for the 4g LTE as in with my wife's Droid Bionic. I also totally agree with you on maybe just upgrading the commando to 4g and maybe 1g processor.

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