The "OMG I just ['got updated' OR 'updated'] to Cupcake" Thread...

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  1. ROBIN50N

    ROBIN50N Well-Known Member

    how come this threads turned into the rooted g1 thread, i thought it was for people recieving cupcake from t mobile OTA on a normal g1.

  2. banqaxbarbie

    banqaxbarbie Member

    i installed cupcake on my G1 but when i go to re install the applications i purchased it says download unsuccessful. Can someone help me?
  3. cout

    cout New Member

    You can't reinstall any applications or just some applications? I had this problem with certain apps that had updated themselves. The solution was to allow non-market apps under settings.
  4. banqaxbarbie

    banqaxbarbie Member

    Any purchased applications. I finally fixed it. But now some apps dont work with cupcake such as chompsms and stuff like that. guess just got to wait for them to update to cupcake versions :)
  5. soda

    soda Active Member

    chomp works on mine. but since i changed to cupcake, i like the default sms program because of the soft keyboard and predictive txt. omg i never thought i would say that haha
  6. wddglr

    wddglr New Member

    question: if i root my phone, and feel like returning to unrooted 1.5 later on, will i be able to do such thing?
  7. Cherodactyl

    Cherodactyl Member

    So its confirmed that cupcake is available to rooted g1s?
  8. several

    several Well-Known Member

  9. soda

    soda Active Member

    Yeah those vids are noob friendly. Recomended.
  10. ROBIN50N

    ROBIN50N Well-Known Member

    why do you guys keep waffling on about rooted g1s on this thread. its established that cupcake is out for rooted phones. THIS THREAD IS FOR OTA CUPCAKE UPDATE.
  11. lethal

    lethal Well-Known Member

    I agree, can people be less stupid?
  12. several

    several Well-Known Member

    People coming to this thread may want to know how they can get cupcake now without having to wait for the OTA update. Now they know.

    Please return to your regularly scheduled pointless flaming...
  13. ROBIN50N

    ROBIN50N Well-Known Member

    well theres threads for that, this is for OTA.
  14. banqaxbarbie

    banqaxbarbie Member

    haha i know.

    QUESTION : for ppl with rooted g1's and have the updated cupcake which is better the haykuro one or jesus freke's one?

    also i heard from coolpstuts in his new video that cupcake should be coming out for regular users in a couple of days.
  15. ROBIN50N

    ROBIN50N Well-Known Member

    why do you keepposting in here about rooted g1 you moron
  16. banqaxbarbie

    banqaxbarbie Member

    Excuse you. im asking a question and im free to ask so there for I WILL ASK. if you dont like it im sorry then. you do not have to look. The only "Moron" here is the one getting upset over a question lol.
  17. ROBIN50N

    ROBIN50N Well-Known Member

    theres sections here dedicated to root qustions, this is for people looking/posting about the OTA update.
  18. banqaxbarbie

    banqaxbarbie Member

    I understand that. But dont come off rude because people are FREE to ask questions. MIND YOU these forums are about G1's and my question falls under that category. THANK YOU. :p
  19. ROBIN50N

    ROBIN50N Well-Known Member

    but more people will help if its in the right section as they will be looking in them sections. never mind.
  20. several

    several Well-Known Member

    Why? Because you want it to be? The subject of this thread is "The "OMG I just got updated to Cupcake" Thread..." in the "Updates and Cupcakes" forum.

    There's nothing there specifying OTA. Rooting to get the Cupcake update is still a way to get the Cupcake Update.

    If you want an OTA update *only* thread then start one instead of pointlessly flaming people here.
  21. Mr Bloppy

    Mr Bloppy Well-Known Member

    in that case..... i just rooted to cupcake today!!
  22. Phases

    Phases Community Manager Administrator

    Be nice. If you'd like to suggest people post in another thread, or start another thread altogether, that's fine. Be cool about it. Don't get rude. People come here for help, not to get their questions nitpicked and slammed for not being in the perfect spot.

    If you're feeling the urge to be an ass, move on to another forum, or just don't make any replies.
  23. xujiyong

    xujiyong New Member

    I came here from a blog post, hoping to see some official OTA update news. So far disappointed, people here(in this thread) still keep talking about the rooted ones.
  24. lem

    lem Member

    Question for those who may be in the know (two questions):

    1. Last time I was impatient and manually installed RC33... Does anyone know if that means that I'd have to do manual cupcake install as well, or it will still be pushed to me when time comes (installed official RC33, not rooted, moded, etc).

    2. If I grow even more impatient this time and root my phone to get developers version of cupcake.... Would that switch me to having to manually install all upcoming updates, or I'd still be getting OTAs? Will I lose my root if I accept an OTA in this scenario?

  25. ROBIN50N

    ROBIN50N Well-Known Member

    fine delete my account. this is the worse forum ive been on. you couldnt run a bath never mind a forum. you [really cool guys] need to learn to [tolerate my silly shenanigans].
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