The Perfect Notes App With Widget

  1. yeahrightasif

    yeahrightasif Active Member

    So we have plenty of good quality widgets for calendars and tasks. but where are the notes widgets.

    my requirements:-

    • syncs to the cloud (pref google docs, evernote, simplenote)
    • has a large (4x4) widget that i can view a notes list and individual notes, edit, and add new

    and that's it, would be like to have a nice UI, check boxes, images, links, but plaintext would do

    the apps i tried and why they didn't work for me:-

    • mobisle notes, widget too small (2x2), widget cannot open app, so need extra shortut (syncs google docs)
    • notepad with sync, no widget, (syncs with helipad)

    • evernote, widget just add edits searches, (syncs with evernote)
    • catch notes, widget just add edits searches, (syncs with catch)
    • andronoter, widget just add edits searches, (synch with simplenote)

    • mnote, no widget, (syncs with simplenote)
    • flick notes, no widget, (syncs with simplenote)
    • aknotepad, no widget, (syncs with

    • note everything, no sync, widget just add edits searches
    • colornote, no sync, widget just shows titles of notes
    • bugmelite, no sync, widget just add edits searches

    So do you know for an app which has just these 2 simple requirements?


    ultranotes - no sync, widget (multi size) just shows 1 predefined note

  2. mistermau

    mistermau New Member

  3. yeahrightasif

    yeahrightasif Active Member

    looked at springpad and it only had a small widget to add / search notes, not to browse or view from within the widget. surely there must be a notes app with sync and a decent widget to view / browse notes??
  4. yeahrightasif

    yeahrightasif Active Member

    took another look at springpad at your recommendation and noticed the list view widget (was that always there), so this is definitely the closest to my needs, but just wish i could view the notes in the widget..

    cheers for the recommendation, would have discarded springpad otherwise
  5. mistermau

    mistermau New Member

    Hope it works out for you!

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