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The Photon 4G Pre-Order Info ThreadGeneral

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  1. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    That's actually been around for a LONG time. I got a credit last year, prior to my contract expiring. It was actually more last year and even more a few years ago. I've done my phone upgrades through Best Buy for the past few years also, not directly through Sprint.

    The reps clearly confirm that the loyalty credit will extend your contract for 2 years, BUT it won't have any affect on your phone upgrade eligibility.

  2. l1fe

    l1fe Member

    Does that mean we can pre-order through WF F&F and then ask Sprint to apply the ACE credit? If we pre-order from Sprint on the 28th, would we be able to get the phone earlier than the 31st?
  3. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    The credit is only if you're close to or past your 2 year agreement.

    There are some people that pre ordered the evo 3d through the premier early purchase and they got their phone the next day. So, if you ordered on the 28th, you'd possibly get it the 29th.
  4. amimemeami

    amimemeami Member

    I've talked the people at the sprint store, and they can push back that date a little, not as much as they used to be able to, but one day would not be a problem
  5. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Yup. I have no doubt because they did it for one of my secondary lines that was due for an upgrade a few days after the Epic was released (but different months).
  6. mkvoran

    mkvoran Well-Known Member

    Just pre-ordered on Wirefly(friends and fam) against my better judgement. I don't qualify for ACE, and I wanted to save the money. 157.00 after tax. BTW if you didn't know, they don't actually bill you until the phone is activated and shipped, so actually I just reserved my place in line for one. They said it will ship ON July 31rst. I'm planning to just hold on to this reservation unless something better comes along - hopefully Best Buy will have a good deal - I always prefer to buy there.

    If Pre-ordering throigh Sprint, is it still an instant rebate? or Are they planning to bring back the MIR still?

    EDIT: Just saw that it's pretty much confirmed, MIR's are back and its an AMEX gift card this time.

    Looks like it's either WF or BB for me. COme on BB!
  7. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Supposedly, MIR was coming back after the 24th...but I guess we won't really know until next Monday. Thing is, it has been advertised as $200 "instant savings" by Sprint since they announced the Photon, so the MIR (if it's brought back) shouldn't apply to the Photon (well, I'll never say never, but I'd think that they wouldn't change that).

    I'll be checking Best Buy again on Sunday-Wednesday. If by Wednesday, there's no pre-order or confirmation that Best Buy is selling, I'll have to decide if I'm going with Wirefly Friends, Amazon, or Sprint directly. I'll post up any updates I get from Best Buy when I go in.
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  8. donniegood

    donniegood Well-Known Member

    according to all the posts its for devices 150 and under
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  9. mkvoran

    mkvoran Well-Known Member

    In general, whats the feeling on Wirefly. Have any of you used them before? Do they handle returns well?

    I'm just not sure I want to risk it just to save 40 bucks..... sounds like they activate the phone and THEN ship it, so i won't have a working phone for 2 days?
  10. whatsitsname

    whatsitsname Well-Known Member

    I haven't use them but $40 bucks isn't much savings when you have to agree to a separate contract where it will cost you $300 bucks if you defaulted. $100+ savings then maybe.
  11. mkvoran

    mkvoran Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'm not worried about defaulting on a 180day contract. I'm more worried about dealing with returning a defect phone or something like that..... Best Buy is just so easy to work with.

    I'm also concerned about not having a phone for 2 days during the shipping. Is that really how it works?
  12. whatsitsname

    whatsitsname Well-Known Member

    Why don't you just buy straight from Sprint? You can preorder if you're a premiere customer. They both cost the same whether you buy from best buy or Sprint as the Photon will have instant rebate either way.
  13. mkvoran

    mkvoran Well-Known Member

    Well yeah, I suppose it's the same at BB or Sprint Store - great point. My real choice is between Wirefly or one of the two aforementioned brick and mortars....
  14. whatsitsname

    whatsitsname Well-Known Member

    If you don't plan on exchanging phone then Wirefly would save you money. It will be a hassle if you want to exchange phone or a refund. I guess the processing time can take a week or two or three.
  15. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Only reason I'd choose Best Buy over Sprint right now is due to Rewards Zone points.
  16. Androidalltheway

    Androidalltheway Well-Known Member

    Even if you pre order it on 7/28/11, you most likely will not get it until Monday, so whats the advantage?
  17. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Not true. Look at the EVO 3D premier customer early pre-orders. Some of them received the next day.
  18. whatsitsname

    whatsitsname Well-Known Member

    That's not necessarily true. Many have reported a next day delivery ( my friend and I included).
    The trick is to order it at 12 am midnight so you don't have to wait for the processing time in the morning.
  19. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    And it looks like its back.

    The trick is to do the following...
    Click on that link in the first quote..
    You will get the standard "we encountered an error" message page
    Click on the upper left WireFly logo
    on the left side under Sprint, click on Renew/Upgrade link
    Scroll down the page to Motorola Photon 4G
    The price shows $149.99 :eek:

    Click Shop now

    The next page still shows $149.99 for either new or existing/upgrade customers. :D

    Now the only thing that concerns me is that I plan on upgrading both of my EVOs. One is on the Everything Data - 450 plan for $69.99 and the other is on the Everything Plus - 500 plan for $59.99. Looking at that last page I see select your upgrade type and I assume that I will have to choose one of those now.

    $69.99 The Everything Data 450 +300 (750) Anytime minutes
    Includes unlimited Web, Data, Text like the one I have on EVO #1.

    $89.99 The Everything Data 900
    Includes unlimited Web, Email, Data, Text

    $99.99 The Simply Everything
    Includes unlimited minutes, web, emails, data, text

    While the price looks good on Wirefly, I am unsure its the best deal if I have to shell out more a month for service. Then again I do not know if the same applies if I were to go it through Best Buy or Amazon or Sprint etc.

    TS Out
  20. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Stopped by Best Buy. Still no pre order, but mobile sales guy said they will have it on release day for sure.

    Kinda reminds me how the sale of the Touch Pro was. It was thought that there'd be lines and the phone would sell out, but on the day of release, I just went 10 minutes before the store opened, walked in, and I was first to buy the phone.

    I really don't mind if there's no pre-order at best buy as long as they have the phone in stock.
  21. xxINFIDELxx

    xxINFIDELxx Well-Known Member

    I purchased the EVO 4G on launch day last year. A few weeks ago the EVO3D peaked my interest and I had been reading up on other EVO owners called Sprint CS to reset their 1 Year upgrade on their silver account. I didn't know however that Sprint was only doing this through the end of June(according to Sprint). Has anyone had any luck getting their one year upgrade we originally were supposed to get on our primary line before the change back in April? I lost interest in the EVO3D after playing with one at RadioShack. They told me I could buy off my contract for $75 then I'd be eligible, was hoping for the deal they were running (apparently only for a limited time) to use the one year upgrade we lost when they split the Premier account into Silver/Gold.
  22. xxINFIDELxx

    xxINFIDELxx Well-Known Member

    Found this today.

    [Hi Sprint Premier Community Users,

    I would like to take a moment and introduce myself; my name is Jos
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  23. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Looks like Best buy is definitely where I'm buying. Just got a bunch of rewards points that I used to get best buy gift cards! I just hope they also have the docks and accessories on release because I'd probably swoop those up too.
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  24. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    Same here. It really disapoints me there is no preorder :( bit i will just head up there early that morning.

    I have a lady up at the store that claims they will call me if prorder info becomes available. Will update if I hear anything.

    I can also confirm that those that WOULD have had a premier upgrade but lost itwith the gold/silver change are eligible until 7/31.
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  25. drewsg

    drewsg Well-Known Member

    Why do you guys need a preorder? It's not like this is the hot anticipated phone of the summer? I don't think there will be supply issues.

    I plan on going in Sunday and picking one up. But at Target Mobile

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