the ployer m988.cant unlock pattern

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  1. sykes

    sykes New Member

    So a good friend imported the android ployer m988 a while ago as a gift for very smart nephew decided to putthe most complicated pattern lock ever. by some luck i figured it out and put a simple slide to unlock system .i told him leave it like that .so like kids every were he did it again and i have tried for over 2 months and cant open the pattern lock .i need to unlock thid thing thr ployer is not a phone and lets me try literally hundreds of times with 30 second intervals rvery 5 tries. there is no way to remove the battery and i trird to download the
    manual but its in mandarin.wth. i am stumped .please help someone i really cant afford samsung galaxy s2 works fine and will allow reset. but this is not a phone.

  2. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime Oil Can!!! Oil Can!!! VIP Member

    Is this some type of tablet?
  3. sykes

    sykes New Member

    yes it is ,it has phone technology because when i turn it off it says `your phone will shut down` with an option ok or cancel when i turn the power off

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