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  1. speedlever

    speedlever Well-Known Member

    is that they don't always hold up in the light of day.

    I assumed... that since I told my GS4-16 to save pictures to my SD card, that screen shots would go there as well. So I dutifully saved screen shots of my screen layouts and all my downloaded programs to prepare for my swapout.

    So when I swapped out my GS4-16 for a GS4-32 today, I moved over my SD card and did a factory reset on the GS4-16.

    Tonight, trying to go through my screen shots to setup the new phone... I find there are NO screenshots... other than a couple I took at the request of the forum here.

    Son of a gun. So much for that grand plan.

    I guess if I can't remember the program/app, I don't really need it anyway. Grumble...

  2. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby Guides Guide

    There will be a record of anything you purchased or downloaded at the Google Play Store. To find out your specific apps open the Play Store app open then Menu and tap on My apps. The All tab reveals everything you ever downloaded from there. Quick question for you... How do you get to the menu in apps without a dedicated menu button, or does the S4 have a dedicated Menu button?
  3. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    I know it's a little late now but this is why you should wait a few days between transferring your data and wiping your old phone. It is hard to remember exactly what you needed and where it is so give yourself a few days to find out what you've forgotten next time.

    At least it wasn't something really important.
  4. speedlever

    speedlever Well-Known Member

    After writing the above post, I discovered I was logged into GooglePlay under a different account than the account I was in to get the apps originally. So the app listings are all there.

    What I'm missing are my screen layouts and folder assignments. No big deal. But it would have been nice to see how I had everything laid out and organized. I'll just have to recreate it again. So it will be the same... only different. ;)

    In regards to your question about the menu in apps... there's normally a softkey for the menu in an app. Hope that's what you're asking about. If not, I'm not sure what you mean.

    In this case, doing the swap, I had to wipe the old phone on the spot. Oh well.
  5. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    There's an acronym for that. For "assUme", there is.
  6. speedlever

    speedlever Well-Known Member

    Yes. Well, what can I say? ;)
  7. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    I have fallen to "assume" many times, myself.
  8. speedlever

    speedlever Well-Known Member

    For this subject, I have not yet found out how to direct screen shots to the SD card. Where is that option to be found?

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