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the requirements of running an os

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  1. MrNightz

    MrNightz New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jan 27, 2010
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    Quick intro about me since all you guys seem ever so friendly lol. Young lad from east london bought htc hero a week ago, loves android apps, loves sense ui and loves the useful feedback android users seem to dish out on a regular basis.

    Anywho seeing how the htc hero is going to be updating to android 2.0 i was wondering how many OS updates can the phone recieve? At some point will the hardware specs be too limited this. For example when android fully develop and unveil android 3.0 will the phones running it need like a 1ghz processor or something. I would love it if my htc hero was running the same os as the big bad beasts (nexus one and droid) until i got something like the motorola roi (which is the beast that i cannot wait to get my hands on)


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