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  1. Satires

    Satires Well-Known Member

    Alight (Clears throat), I'll put this all in one thread about my experience with extended batteries for the rezound and smart phones in general, including my philosophy on them.

    Is it worth it? For any smart phone I mean? I say YES! But my opinion is a bit tainted because I'm a power user.

    Look at a smartphone as a car, say, like it's a Corvette.

    If you're into speed and luxury (Like myself), would you go buy a Corvette only to drive it 55MPH to save on gas? Would you sweat it out on a hot summer day to conserve even more gas by being afraid to run the air conditioning?

    See my point?

    I see a lot of users across the web wrecking their own user experience with these devices! Shut this off, turn the screen brightness down and my favorite "Turn off the 4g!"


    I just shake my head in disbelief...

    Every phone I have ever owned I have always had a stand alone charger and a spare battery.

    With the rezound, I bought the extended batteries, only because this is the one phone I have to peel the back off (Which I think is stupid set up as compared to the droid x) and it doesn't just slide off in a pinch.

    I went out and bought two extended batteries with the covers from Verizon and a stand alone battery charger also from Verizon. Could I afford it? Not really... But I'm glad I made the move!

    The reception seems to be just as good. I think the painted on internal antenna is still there, just covered in black blending in with the case (Just my opinion).

    The case does not creak or make noises (I tried both of them). Now keep in mind, on both of my new rear covers, the gaskets for the speaker port somehow came off in the box and I had to re-attach them with tweezers.

    The charger from Verizon? It's the $29.99 model. I wore one of my extended batteries down till the phone shut down. I did this to see how long it took to re-charge it from empty. It took a grand total of 6 hours. Even listening to internet radio and browsing the web, I don't think I can kill an extended battery in 6 hours, meaning, the backup one is by then charged and ready to go!

    Let's face it, these phones are corvettes and eat up a lot of gas, it would make sense to do as I did and get the extended batteries and put the pedal to the metal and the data to the 4g! Use these phones to the max while we still have the freedom to do so! FLOOR IT!:D

    There's nothing more annoying when the battery gives at an inconvient time and you start to sweat over a charge! My rezound, the first few days I had it, lived on the charger! lmao

    Is it worth it? YES!

    I spent 48 bucks on each of the batteries with the extra back plates, but I also bought stereo bluetooth headset and screen protectors andhad them charge it to my bill (Which I was surprised they did, my credit is terrible! lol).

    Forget about the next big smartphone! They're coming out with quad cores from what I understand. I did my research before blowing my money this time. In my opinion, the rezound will be able to handle a lot of power hungry applications for the next couple of years, so I will wait for a couple of years or till my phone can't handle what is thrown at it. A dual core processor is a lot of speed for a phone. It's in my opinion, a quad core is a bit redundant at this juncture in technology.

    Even after the warranty, I can root it and tweak it. Just take care of it and it will take care of you (Most times). lol :D

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  2. zazan

    zazan Well-Known Member

    Very clear analysis. It puts things into perspective.

    Also liked your web site, very grabbing stuff.
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  3. PaulQ

    PaulQ Active Member

    Ok. I risk getting jumped on but here goes... your analysis is good but it's missing one thing... when you get that extended battery, it allows you that extra freedom but it's also like strapping one of those U-Haul storage boxes to the top of that Corvette. It does increase size and bulk of an already large phone.

    Now there is all this debate on how much of an impact that has... some say it makes the phone better in the hand. For me, it just pushed the size over the edge. I returned my extended battery. I just wanted to point out that stop at U-Haul that everyone with the extended battery must make.

    Otherwise, you are right. It eliminates the battery issues. I may go back to it but doing okay without it so far. It is definitely worth considering.
  4. dkear

    dkear Member

    I generally agree. I just use an extra standard battery and external charger. I'm good to go, and use this phone to it's fullest!
  5. dkear

    dkear Member

    I generally agree. I just use an extra standard battery and external charger. I'm good to go, and use this phone to it's fullest!
  6. Satires

    Satires Well-Known Member

    Completely understandable! You, the end user, must be happy!

    My philosophy is, as humas, we adapt. The size doesn't matter to me, I'm already adapting :)
  7. Satires

    Satires Well-Known Member

    Thank you :)
  8. Satires

    Satires Well-Known Member

    I initially had two standard batteries, I wipe them out far to fast and they always seem to quit at the most inconvenient times. I work in a shop, my phone lives in a custom plastic bag to keep the nasties out! lol So instead of changing the battery out three or more times a day, I may do it once. :)
  9. Satires

    Satires Well-Known Member

    Oh, and don't ever worry about being jumped for your honest opinion! Everyone is different and an individual! Preach on! :D
  10. climberman

    climberman Well-Known Member

    This thread is near and dear to my heart - what works for one may not work for another - all of us have personal preferences - whether manufacturer, screen size / technology, operating system, keyboard, memory, 3 G vs 4 G and so on......having said that.........:)

    My sentiment falls to carrying several extra standard batteries which I gladly swap back and forth......I use the Rezound to its full capacity - music, internet, videos, camera, ahh......not to mention the phone itself along with texts..........and love the screen setting at its highest ... cause.....well heck why have a 720 p HD not at its best and brightest!!

    As a power user I know I need to have the phone often charging ......and have the option of the extended battery......however when I tried the extended battery...........again just my own changed my phone it felt in my hand or my pocket or coat or suit ( and I have really big hands !! ) how it sat on my desk and how it fit in my briefcase......even how it ( slid around ) in my was just too big.........I mean big !!

    Now remember .... at 2750 mAh the extended battery has less juice than two standard batteries......I mind not a bit swapping out the standard batteries...............and with two standards can more than exceed the extended battery endurance based on my own usage tests......I sometimes utilize this darn Rezound so much I have been known to go through three standard batteries in a day .... but again as a high end user ( in terms of power ) I want to use the phone in all its power glory.....otherwise why have all the bells and whistles......

    I actually like popping off the cover, see the innards of the phone, sliding in a fresh battery and hearing the click click as the unit pops back together......

    We won't be seeing any significant advances in battery technology for years to the meantime......I will be swapping in and out those standard batteries.......but I totally understand how attractive the extended battery is to so many Rezounders.....but remember......the Rezound just is so wonderfully functional and meets the needs of many......isn't it wonderous that this phone is so darn good that we are relegated to discussions such as battery usuage a wondeful phone :) :)
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  11. Satires

    Satires Well-Known Member

    Most excellent reply! Yes, I truly believe in the "Live and let live" philosophy! :D

    Exactly as you also pointed out, what works for one may not work for all.

    P.S. I rather like the phone being bigger. I don't really talk to anybody in the real world, this is more of a computer to me! lol I sure wish I could do "Data only" like at&t used to do! :D
  12. Puppa

    Puppa Well-Known Member

    ...but where did the extended battery for the Rezound go? It's no longer on Verizon's website. Is a slimmer alternative coming?
  13. climberman

    climberman Well-Known Member

    I keep my eye on the Seido web site and a few other battery manufacturer's and beyond the 1800 mah listed on E Bay for the Rezound I have yet to see a extended but slim battery......if someone produces one I will definitely buy several ...... in the meantime .......continue to love my Rezound :) :)
  14. Satires

    Satires Well-Known Member

    Did you try to calla Verizon store? I would think they would have them. They still got em for the thunderbolt, at least the last time I checked :)
  15. Lukin

    Lukin Member

    not sure if this is old news or not, but i just picked up an extended battery at my local VZW store this weekend for 50% off. Apparently all extended batteries for 4G phones are included in this sale. just thought i'd let you all know.
  16. JoeCoolinATL

    JoeCoolinATL Member

    was this a cor store? or authorized retailer?
  17. rootbrain

    rootbrain Well-Known Member

    Dang I hate when people say this. Large phone? Because it's not Razr thin? (pun intended). This is not a large phone. The ext battery/back and with case/holster does add bulk. I have them and love them. They feel "substantial". Not heavy and bulky as some people feel.

  18. lonndoggie

    lonndoggie Member

    I agree with the above in principle, and that your own experience bore out the 2 regular > 1 extended, but in my case, it didn't seem to hold true.

    Which, I attribute to something else I've seen posted elsewhere: There are some number of standard batteries that have issues with holding a charge. And I'm guessing I have one of those.

    DISCLAIMER: Small sample size...but still...

    After about a week with the Rezound, I found I'd be at about %45-50 by noon (after unplugging at 7AM). Not great, especially since I'd coaxed the DROID Charge I had before into reliably being at about 70-75% at that time (it also not being very power-efficient), and had already implemented all the juice-saving measures on the Rezound that I'd applied to the Charge.

    So I got the extended battery.

    First day, by noon, I had 90%. NINETY PERCENT! The math would indicate I should have something more like 70-75%.

    So I'm guessing my regular battery wasn't behaving normally.

    I had some other indicators of that before I swapped batteries:

    -- the phone would heat up for no apparent reason; investigation of what was in RAM, what was currently running, load factors, screen use, etc. would give no reason why it should warm up.

    -- Usage data also didn't indicate that much was going on. The screen was always the big power consumer, but not dramatically so--and the processes that were the next highest used vanishingly small quantities of CPU.

    -- Using SetCPU, I was (and am) using the conservative governor, and with the settings I'm using, the vast majority of time the processor is running between 500-600mHz.

    -- Trying to charge here at work one day, after being plugged in (to a power supply, not a computer USB port), the battery charge had actually gone down a bit! And yes, I had a good connection and the phone indicated it was charging.

    So, I dunno. I got the brick, and I gotta say--90% after five hours is pretty nice. The phone does feel good in my hand with that, too. It just looks so...bloated. I guess I'll get used to that.
  19. teknique

    teknique Member

    With my extended battery, I seem to be using 10%/hr. Is this a normal rate for my battery to be lasting? It seems more like this would be the case with a standard battery. =(
  20. lou61166

    lou61166 Well-Known Member

    are you seeing what is using the battery,if you have a lot of apps constantly syncing or do you have all the radios on,screen brightness,it would be impossible for anyone to say this is normal not knowing your setup or usage,it is possible your battery or device is defective also.
  21. teknique

    teknique Member

    I have no idea, but I just took it off the charger and it dropped 4% in 10 min. My brightness is at 40%, I don't have many apps running at all, certainly none syncing other than mail. How long should my extended battery be lasting for a normal or power user?
  22. joeyd14

    joeyd14 New Member

    New Rezound owner here. I have the extended battery. Little heavy, and bulky, but not bad. However, even with the extended battery, I have noticed that after 5-6 hours of use (mostly just texting, some Angry Birds, some other games), the battery life is drained by at least a 1/4. Is this normal? I am coming from a BlackBerry that could go a whole weekend texting and no need to charge battery. Anybody experience similar on the Rezound?
  23. JoeCoolinATL

    JoeCoolinATL Member

    I was having similar probs with my stock battery.
    Finally went and bought the extended battery and back cover from the local Verizon corporate store for 30$ and my god. i am sitting on 21 hrs use right now with 28% battery left. I would have had 28% left after 5-6 hrs of doing nothing on the phone w/ the prev battery.

    This would be even if it was set on the "economy" power mode with mobile data always on turned off, auto sync/background data turned off as well.

    insane difference.
    I hope the std battery is defective. I think I'm going to try to get it replaced.
  24. tCizzler

    tCizzler Well-Known Member

    You are just used to your Blackberry... Being at 75% after 5-6 hours on a 4g lte phone while playing some games, and texting is phenomenal!! That's a total of 24 hours of consistent use. Most of us barely get 4-6 hours of gaming, texting, etc. on an entire standard battery. You have to remember blackberrys are usually only a 3g phone. There's a huge difference in battery life between 4g and 3g radios. and unless you had a full screened BB, the screen size difference is drastic too.
  25. joeyd14

    joeyd14 New Member

    Makes sense. I will stick with the rezound for now. I chose this over the iphone and my friends (all iphoners) are making me feel like this was a bad decision.

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