The right way to transfer files to new micro SDHC card?Support

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  1. Ayered

    Ayered Well-Known Member

    I'm still running stock, but I'm rooted and have CWM. I already have all the stock stuff backed up (Nandroid, Titanium Backup, recovery, image and hidden).

    I want to transfer the contents of the stock 2GB SD card to a new card with the least steps.

    Does the stock Triumph card have an ext3 partition or is it only FAT32? If it's just FAT32, can I drag and drop copy all the files in Windows? If I do need an ext3 partition, what size should I make it?

    If I take the old card out and put in a new one to format using the phone formatting utility, will the phone crash due to missing data stored on the old SD card? Or should I format the new card on my PC with SDFormatter?

    I have the Android SDK installed on windows, if there's a simple command line backup/restore command with adb. I also have Linux running in a VM or could use a boot CD like gparted.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Maine Coon

    Maine Coon Well-Known Member

    I am pretty sure the "stock" SDHC is just plain FAT32.
    I am runnung MIUI.
    I copied all the files to my PC, then copied them to the different SDHC, put it into the phone and booted w/o any problems.
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  3. Virginmobileguy

    Virginmobileguy Well-Known Member

    Just Copy and drag that's it
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  4. Ayered

    Ayered Well-Known Member

    Nice, that's simple enough. Thanks guys.

    EDIT: I made an Acronis image backup as well as a Windows copy backup on my PC. Then I just popped the new card in the phone and Windows copied the files back over USB. Everything seems to be working fine.

    I checked the new card in the phone SD settings menu and it seemed to be formatted fine out of the package. Having a fresh card in there for a few minutes meant some background apps were already writing some files and folders to it. I just copied and replaced the backups over anything on the new card.
  5. csrow

    csrow Active Member

    The 2GB SD card is formatted FAT. The larger SDHC will be formatted FAT32. Just copy the old card to your hard drive and then copy the content over to the new card.

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