The Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus is rooted

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    Follow this. It works.

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    Originally Posted by sab65 [​IMG] Here you go.
    Thanks for the file.I managed to root it [​IMG]

    Please follow these instructions carefully:
    Download and unzip Odin3.
    Download the ROOT.tar file which contains the modified boot.img.
    Put the phone into download mode(volume down+home+power on)
    Flash the ROOT.tar file as PDA & wait for the phone to reboot.
    Now root using DooMLoRD's Easy Rooting Toolkit available from here
    Enjoy full access to your rooted phone [​IMG]

    P.S.:Remember to update su binary from the superuser app

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    Can u upload all steps of rooting and unrooting galaxy ace plus on will be very helpful.
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    2. Root.tar
    4. Root checker

    * The first three requirements above can be downloaded below:


    * The fourth requirement is optional. You can download it at GOOGLE PLAY/ANDROID MARKET. It's main purpose is to simply check if your phone is already rooted successfully. So you just need to download it after everything is accomplished.
    * Make sure that all drivers are install in your PC and the connection between your cellphone and your PC is OK. If drivers are missing, you can download KIES and install it in your PC first.

    1. Download the files above. Extract them.
    2. Extract
    3. Extract
    4. Turn off your phone.
    5. Put the phone into download mode. To accomplish that, press the following keys simultaneously:

    • volume down
    • home button
    • power on (to turn on your cellphone)

    6. You will see some message on the screen, it's normal.
    7. Connect your cellphone to your PC using the cable.
    8. Run Odin3 v1.85.exe
    9. On the lower right portion, click the PDA button and then locate Root.tar
    10. Click START and wait for the phone to restart.
    11. Go to the extracted DooMLoRD_v4_ROOT-zergRush-busybox-su folder and click runme.bat. This is the screenshot:


    12. Simply follow everything you see in the directions before you begin.
    13. FINISH! You can now go to Google Play to download ROOT CHECKER to check if your phone is, indeed, rooted.


    Source: How to root Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus,
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    I am trying to root my ace plus. After pressing "Start" in Odin.exe(Step 10), I waited for phone to restart for 20 mins. Nothing happened. Can you tell what can be wrong ?

    Also, I tried to follow first message in the thread. My phone is not detecting ROOT.tar from recovery mode. Please help.
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    I am unable my Ace plus, I has passed in running Root.tar using odin, however i am not able to complete the process using DooMLoRD_v4_ROOT-zergRush-busybox-su, when i run runme.bat file, it gives the message "WAITING FOR DEVICE". Anyone please help me to root my phone

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