The Samsung Galaxy Camera is an ideal travel camera...

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  1. DC IT

    DC IT Well-Known Member

    I just returned from a 3-week

  2. DC IT

    DC IT Well-Known Member

  3. hogwilson

    hogwilson New Member

    Great photos.
  4. DC IT

    DC IT Well-Known Member

    Its because the Galaxy Camera makes it so easy to take good pictures in a split sec.
    The long zoom lets you do close up shots to crop out the busy backgrounds and soften it.
    The light weight lets you hold it without getting tired and use it like a point and shoot.
    Now I don't need a heavy SLR with a ton of lenses to lug around and can truly enjoy my trips and capture decent shots.
    My only gripe with the Galaxy Camera is that it only allow a hand strap and you cannot use a proper camera strap so you can hang it around your neck as you walk around sightseeing.
    I'm going to look for a small case that can be strap to my belt to carry it in.
    But that means I have to take it out and start the camera each time I want to take a shot so that is not the best solution and the danger is the camera might slip out of my hand and get damaged if it drops.
  5. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Really nice pics. It's great to see what this cam can do.
    Thank you for posting them.
  6. syrinx75

    syrinx75 Member

    From the tests found on Internet, the only annoying issue is that the autofocus is not very clever with video. The camera is not focus on the good part of the video, and is quite low.

    Do you confirm? Any way to improve?
  7. DC IT

    DC IT Well-Known Member

    I shot several clips of Balinese dance hand held and the camera was able to focus quite decently.
    It was at might but lit with flood lights.
    I guess in low light situations it would be difficult for the sensor to focus accurately.
    FWIW, the SGC does a decent job and it's features and compact size plus ease of use makes it a great tool for capturing good shots and I don't have to lug around an DSLR Amy more.
    It makes photography fun again.
  8. syrinx75

    syrinx75 Member

    I want to record when I drive my car. The optical zoom should be used (I don't know how many factors) to 'look' far. It should be without motion blur.

    I'm afraid from the record I saw on Youtube that the phone is too slow.
  9. DC IT

    DC IT Well-Known Member

    If you're recording video in a moving vehicle perhaps using a mobile phone like a Galaxy S3 or Note mounted to the windshield would be a better choice?
    The GC would be difficult to mount on the dash board and operate the zoom. Plus when you zoom to a longer focal length the video quality would deteriorate even more due to the magnified motion vibrations.

    Even on my Galaxy Note the vedeo is fine when it's shot at X1 but when I pinched zoom to a higher magnification the vibrations caused the video to be very poor.
  10. syrinx75

    syrinx75 Member

    I don't need 25 pics/sec. 5 pics could be enough. But I need to use the optical zoom. I don't know how many factors exactly.

    Do you think the camera can take few pics per second without motion blur?
  11. DC IT

    DC IT Well-Known Member

    In Smart mode you can activate Continuous mode.
    Then you take a shot and hold the shutter release button down until the camera finish the sequence.
    It takes 20 shots in this mode but in a few secs not one.
    I test shot a flat round object placed on my dining table in room light and it took the 20 shots and all came out sharp without motion blur even though hand held.
    But if you're shooting in a moving vehicle I'm not sure about motion blur.
  12. syrinx75

    syrinx75 Member

    Thank you. I really need to test it myself.

    I want to do OCR when I drive.

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