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  1. TheBigKahuna

    TheBigKahuna Well-Known Member

    If only we could have all been so lucky to get a perfect specimen like you did! I've got no roms on my Spec...and it still heats up my pocket. I'm not the ONLY person to claim that the call/voice quality is garbage either. Sorry I rained on your "the Spectrum is perfect" parade. :rolleyes:

  2. finndo77

    finndo77 Well-Known Member

    I guess I really bought the phone for two things

    1.5Ghz dual core (can actually play jenga!)

    After coming from the non existent Sprint 4g service with an Evo 4g, I have Verizon LTE coverage everywhere within 20 miles or so, except one half mile of road right down the street from my house,
    where I drop to 3g, and my Sprint phone lost all signal.

    Later it was a bonus that I got it for $19.99 (newegg in March), although it was $0.01 a couple of places two weeks later (Amazon and another place someone posted on these forums), all during the buy one get one sale at Verizon.

    My current reasons for wanting to replace the spectrum?
    S4 pro
    Random reboots
    Stupid Wi-Fi during on all the time even though I turned that option off in the settings

    Other things I have enjoyed with the spectrum?
    The display is awesome
    The community, it is big enough to get stuff done, but small enough that even a new person can be recognized by others after just one or two posts, and the form is not so board with new posts that I can read all of them!
  3. Corki2

    Corki2 Well-Known Member

    Ok. I got my Spectrum today. I bought it off ebay. I guess I got lucky because I have not experienced any heat at all, in fact, it's much cooler than my Rezound. I used my headset while charging and navigating and noticed no heat whatsoever. My Rezound would be pretty warm under the same circumstances. GPS locked it nice and quick and got me where I needed to go.

    I also found the call quality, both in and out to be good with or without my headset. My callers (all three of them) could hear me loud and clear and vice versa.

    The problem I had with bluetooth headset call quality on my Rezound is not present on the Spectrum. I have a CommandOne, a Planteonics M155 and a BlueParrott 250+ and they all sound great in and out. No issue keeping a connection. The CommandOne sounded so bad on the Rezound that I couldn't make out anything my callers were saying. It sounds fine on the Spectrum.

    I have experienced only great things with it so far. I loaded up the same web page on my Rezound and my Spectrum and it's amazing what a difference considering the Spectrum is not much bigger than the Rezound. The Spectrum screen is beautiful. The Rezound is nice, but I prefer the Spectrum.

    As for the LG interface, it's really not bad. The icons are not the greatest, but I love some of the features built in. The lock screen is excellent. I don't need Widgetlocker anymore.

    So far, I'm very pleased. I was a little dissappointed that the phone wasn't exactly "near mint" as the sellers listing stated. The bezel is dinged up, but the screen was perfect and given that some people have had serious issues with heat, reboots and poor sound, I guess mine with it's dinged bezel is close enough to "near mint" since it works great.
  4. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    Well my thoughts on the Spectrum, its prolly the best LG device I've held in my hand. Its specs are good, size size is great, display is great, though I dont see the big differences like Icu does. :p

    For the specials VZW sells it for definately a good buy. AT full price tho, I would pass it up and get the GNexus instead, mainly due to I like running the latest n greatest when it comes out, not when the carrier decides I can have it.

    Overall nice phone, def if you dont mind Gingerbread. ;)
  5. Lightswarm

    Lightswarm Well-Known Member

    The screen is sexy. Enough said.
  6. stef7

    stef7 Well-Known Member

    Corki2: download and install the Holo launcher replacement for the OEM's Optimus UI. You WILL like it, I guarentee. :D
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  7. Corki2

    Corki2 Well-Known Member

    Love it! Thanks for suggesting it. I had Go Launcher on here but I like Holo much better. :)
  8. ortrigger

    ortrigger Well-Known Member Contributor

    I got the Spec partly because of the deal I got on it and secondly, the screen and specs are awesome. The update to ICS would be nice but we have some nice GB roms and the visual stuff can be changed with a different launcher.
  9. I got my spectrum off craigslist. I have owned pretty much every phone for Verizon this is not my favorite phone but its good its better than the razr that's for.sure .
    I only have 2 problems no ics and the lack of any news regarding it. I read in July it was coming any day now and I have heard nothing since then. anyone know what happened?
    I contacted LG about it and the woman simply told me she was not sure. she also told me she couldn't find anything in her computer that the spectrum was still going to receive the update that means nothing but its really disappointing that such a powerful phone is bogged down by shitty ui and outdated software.

    my other problem is I like to put custom roms on phone but there is not shit for the spectrum such a poor developer community for the spectrum there are maybe 2 horrible roms for the phone
  10. cryoaura

    cryoaura Well-Known Member

    You're name actually sums it up. Death Of Evolution within LG and Verizon. Honestly though, what you know is all that we know. There was some rumour that LG acknowledged the complaints and some rep told people that this is a huge update, just taking longer than expected, but who knows at this point. There is also someone on eBay selling what he claimed to be a Spectrum with the OEM legitimate 4.0.4 ICS from LG. No telling if that was real or just a bad eBay post. Everything is rumour at this point. I will say, I'm not unhappy with my Spectrum, it works, and works well. Only thing that bothers me is that Z-Push 2 will not work on it, either with Zarafa or Zimbra mail, althogh 1.5 works. I am hoping ICS fixes that, AND makes it a global phone.
  11. MrB206

    MrB206 Well-Known Member

    Holo is my daily driver, but I find it dras huge amounts of ram over time, from 60-138mb...This nis odd because even after days of use, adw uses 45-50mb at most. I told the dev but he's as stumped as I. It's likely my widgets and it is hard to duplicate, but keep that in mind and watch the your resources with holo.
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  12. bones420la

    bones420la Well-Known Member

    blame lg for the lack of roms... we do have 4 or 5.. but all are based on stock..
    and if you dont like the choices... do what i did and make your own rom

    ive ran into so many issues with the spectrum.. but overall i think it could be an amazing phone... the processor we have is amazing. plus the clear hd screen..
    my only dislike is gingerbread... i think if we had a solid built os most of the specs problems would be solved..

    im only keeping mine for the hopes of a ota update... or d2a getting his project finished... until then.. im happily running jellybean on my fascinate

  13. If the spectrum does get ics and its similar to the intuition the new ui is really amazing with the amount of customization that comes with the phone. its just to over bloated LG ui that's on the spectrum now really destroys the power of the phone.

    if anyone hears any more news on the ota please let me know
  14. admn81

    admn81 Well-Known Member

    Yes compared to other more popular devices we dont have much in terms of rom's but the ones we do have do the best they can with this device which isnt very dev friendly.
  15. I simply stated the truth I am not saying anything negative about any developers. lack of developers and horrible developers that make shifty roms are 2 different things so please no news to put words in my mouth.
  16. Corki2

    Corki2 Well-Known Member

    I ended up sending my not so "near mint" Spectrum back to the eBay seller I bought it from. Not because the phone wasn't working well, but because the seller didn't send the charger that he said was included and then would not respond to several emails asking about it. The phone worked flawlessly although it looked horrible everywhere except the screen. The chrome ring had chunks missing, etc. I hesitated sending it back because it worked swell and I was afraid I might end up with a problem Spectrum with reboot, overheating, bad call quality that I have read about here and there. Long story short, I sent it back and bought another one off eBay. The new one is like new with original box, charger, etc. and even a TPU case and car charger. It works every bit as well as the first one. Best part is, I paid $25.00 less than I paid for the first one and it doesn't have a scratch on it anywhere. I navigated while charging and talking through my by headset and the battery stayed a nice and cool 88
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  17. Lightswarm

    Lightswarm Well-Known Member

  18. stef7

    stef7 Well-Known Member

    MRB206: thanks for the cautionary word on the Holo Launcher consuming resources. I cannot say I encounter an issue there, in part because I don't monitor it, and haven't had a need to look at RAM consumption... Maybe it is one of your widgets.

    But then, as a defensive measure, about every other day or third day, the phone is shutdown and restarted. That is a good suggestion for anyone.

    For as much as people say manual memory / cache / task management is not a necessity in Android, I have a different experience.

    You are most correct, it is a wide array of widgets and apps that may have hidden issues with memory management that are probably at root cause.

    I also have no issue using 1Tap Cache Cleaner and Advanced Task Killer Free to make sure the caches are purged every now and then, and that respectfully, programs that don't move themselves to the microSD card get a little help from a friend. :rolleyes:
  19. finndo77

    finndo77 Well-Known Member

    Somewhere on this forum is a link to a non USA post by a website quoting LG about the massive update coming. Unfortunately, many of the items in the update list specific devices they will be included on, and the spectrum is not one of them. If you want to know what additions are coming to "some phones" search the internet for the LG optimus g hands on video. It is the same UI version, only many features are only coming to some phones.
  20. Corki2

    Corki2 Well-Known Member

    It says Spectrum here
  21. I emailed Verizon after talking with LG LG said that it was up to Verizon when it comes to rolling out updates and this is what Verizon emailed me

    Thanks for contacting the Internet Response Team!

    My name is Syteria and I am happy to address your concerns today! I definitely understand how frustrating it can be to not have your device perform the necessary updates. The software updates are rolled out by the manufacturer, which is LG. It is normal for the updates to roll out in different waves. You have the option of contacting LG directly at 800.793.8896 or LG. Josh thank you for choosing Verizon Wireless, you have a great day!



    Verizon Wireless

    Customer Service
  22. MrB206

    MrB206 Well-Known Member

    The ol corporate two step. That's what happens when neither wants to admit it can't deliver.
  23. Lightswarm

    Lightswarm Well-Known Member

    Lol then send that message to LG, and when they point fingers back at Verizon, send the entire conversation back to Verizon and so forth.

    Just a random though lol.
  24. Just spoke with Verizon today and the guy I spoke with "talked" to LG to find out about ics for the spectrum. he said from his experience with software updates that I shouldn't even expect any news for ics for at least a month. what pisses me off is that nobody can just tell me if the spectrum is still set to be upgraded or if ics for the phone is abandoned which is what I think has happened just want them to tell us that te spectrum ics update is not going to happen
  25. kruzz902

    kruzz902 Member

    What I like the most about my spectrum is that its very close to getting CM9 on it. As well as all the other cool shit everyone already mentioned about it. (Big thanks to d2a, pg, tdm, and everyone one else that helped who I didn't mention, for all their time and hard work!)
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