The Symphony of Eternity (Android's Final Fantasy)

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  1. Zigram

    Zigram Active Member

    I continually failed to steal from this guy as well, and I had tried to steal the entire fight, as well as trying the whole fight twice doing only standard attacks! So far throughout this game the things stolen are not super rare (other than maybe mithril ore, which is easily picked up after battle with the burglar's braclet) so I decided that it wasn't worth the frustration to try again :) There is no item is this game that I have not been able to get from sources other than stealing.

    As for a walkthrough discussion I have no idea. I have searched but found nothing, yet again this is a fairly straight forward game that may not really require much of a walkthrough. All the dungeon chests are easily found through exploration and I'm getting to a point in the game where I am going to use the airship to go to all the caves I saw previously with sealed doors, which may or may not be the "side quest" portion of the game :)

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  2. Kaijester

    Kaijester Member

    I have completed the game too and there is nothing I can do to open the sealed doors. :(

    So far I have found them in:

    - one in the sky
    - two in the sea
    - one near dwarf cave
    - one in the forest on a small island
    - one in the snowy island

    Anyway, completing the game allow us to re-play with the current status+equipments. Might have something to do with that..

    Maybe we need two Burglar forearm to steal from those boss and there was like 4-5 bosses which i failed to steal from.
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  3. Zigram

    Zigram Active Member

    Potential spoilers below! :)
    I just completed the game, got the aegislute, and discovered that is the final piece you need to unlock those doors. When you walk up to them after the game is complete and touch the doors with the aegislute pieces it unlocks large side quest dungeons. I ran through one dungeon with the assassins shoes just to see how extensive they are and wow, its insane. The dwarves also have a new person to create items from a new material that I assume you get from these very dungeons. The usefulness of having these items after the game is complete is still under question, but there it is :)
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  4. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    Would this be a good one to start with? I always look at the RPG games but don't want to take the chance that I'll hate it or that the graphics will suck.
    Complete newbie to anything beyond a quick puzzle game or angry birds.
  5. supermanlegend

    supermanlegend Well-Known Member

    I think this would be an awesome RPG to start with. The graphics are HD and it has great 2D sprites and artwork. This is the type of RPG people started out with back in the day. I started with FF10 which is a lot deeper than this but still basically same concept. Little learning curve to figuring out strategies but since you like puzzles games that shouldn't be a problem just save often. Bottomline this is great game for getting into turn based rpgs, it has the all the basics gameplay elements down to the tee, easy to use UI, and a decent enough story to keep you interested. I say start with this which for the price is unbeatable, but know that there rpgs out the there way deeper and have unbelievably good storylines. Btw FF10 ended up being my favorite game of all time (Great Story).
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  6. Kaijester

    Kaijester Member

    Spoiler below! (Sorry I don't know how to hide it)

    Correction: I found three sealed doors in the sea

    I managed to kill all bosses behind the sealed doors except the one in the Valley of Flowers...The boss refresh per turn of 60k hp and have a total of 100k hp. The maximum I can deal is about 30-40k only by using resonance and chains with Zeiguld Various etc. Seems like the point is to gather all the materials to make the piece of equipment which gain all merit+5.

    Any ideas to defeat this boss..?
  7. Zigram

    Zigram Active Member

    The command for hiding the text funny enough is [ HIDE ] (in front of text) and [ /HIDE ] in back of text.

    As for the bosses, you have officially gone farther than me in that arena and I have not fought that boss quite yet, but when I get to him I will let you know if I run into any good ideas. I'm glad to find out as i'd gone through those dungeons that there are bosses tougher than the final one to make my leveling and gear actually USEFUL after the game officially ends lol. Quite interesting. Tough bosses.

    As to the person asking about this RPG, I reflect the response of supermanlegend that this is a great game to start with. I would compare it more to Final Fantasy 3 if you ever played that one, and if supermanlegend has never played that game either I would STRONGLY recommend it as one of the best final fantasy games in existence. It is very extensive, great story, and LOTS of characters. I'm even recommending this one over FFX which I did like as well. Its just super classic and awesome game :)
  8. Ingenu

    Ingenu Active Member

    Does anyone know if this game has a controller input option or is it all just the touchscreen controls?
  9. Kaijester

    Kaijester Member

    No controller input. However, they offer ingame movable control pad, fixed position control pad & point to move control.
  10. AdventDeo

    AdventDeo New Member

    I found the problem guys. Most probably you guys are trying to steal an item that was already maxed out in your inventory. I found this out by (possible spoiler):

    At the Sword of the Heavens after you defeated the guardians on the left and right corners, you will be facing a green dragon in the middle room. I tried stealing from him but it never worked, so I just killed the guy. I reloaded my game before I fought him and threw away one of the 5 (max amount to carry) Secret Potions of the Heavens and Spirit Potions of the Elves. True enough, the green dragons carries a Secret Potions of the Heavens.
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  11. Zigram

    Zigram Active Member

    Interesting :) Thanks for that. As I figured, it seems that the things you can steal from people aren't things that you can't get in other places!
  12. hontinbean

    hontinbean New Member

    Kaijester, item strong weedkiller can take flower of valley boss 50k damage. I however only carry one of it and i am not able to kill this boss with characters attack in one round. Question: is best equipment bought in dwarf city? What level are you; i am level80, i cannot make 50k damage like you?
  13. hontinbean

    hontinbean New Member

    Strong weedkiller can be bought at allien town item shop. Flower of valley boss is defeated in one round
  14. wohard

    wohard New Member

    i have one problem and i don't know what to do, i kill the boss in temple under see(The adobe of the waters) and don't know where to go next?? alway on map was write "next" but this time isn't. Please help me to solve this problem
  15. ninja_reject

    ninja_reject Well-Known Member

    Just bought it, I was pleased and surprised that there was no additional wifi download. I guess because they didn't go overboard on graphics. I am looking forward to reliving the good old days of my first delve into fantasy gaming in the 90s.
  16. trevm83

    trevm83 New Member

    Great game, ive spent 10 hours on it already. Can someone point me in the right direction on where I use the key to the seal? Trying to get the airhip parts but can't get through the last bars after defeating the cannon LOL
  17. Kira Lawliet

    Kira Lawliet Member

    Anyone playing this on 320 x 480 screen? Damn that 4-cursor button is blocking the screen, any way around that? I hope devs will support it :/
  18. trevm83

    trevm83 New Member

    Ok so I got past it, was pressing the right button in the wrong position lol
  19. LcsEvo

    LcsEvo Well-Known Member

    Can anyone explain to me what the % that is next to the MP is for?
  20. Zigram

    Zigram Active Member

    This is the "break" bar. If you have ever played final fantasy or something similar, its like the limit break bar that builds up as you attack or get damaged. When it gets to 100% the "break" bar turns on in the top right of your screen after you have selected that turn of actions. If you tap that you are able to select whoever has the full bar and whatever action you have chosen immediately happens first no matter the speed of your character, if it happens to be an attack it will crit (i believe 100% chance of crit) and it is awesome :) I use this frequently with my slow character which usually is a very powerful one, so that they can do lots of damage quickly, or I will use this in emergency situations with heal so that the heal is first and at maximum power! (awesome with healing wind)
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  21. Spartoi

    Spartoi Well-Known Member

    I already about this app and it was working on my Galaxy S2 but now it is no longer in the market and says that is incompatible. Does anyone have the devs e-mail so I can talk to them about this?
  22. ninja_reject

    ninja_reject Well-Known Member

  23. Spartoi

    Spartoi Well-Known Member

    You probably don't have a Galaxy S2. Anyways, I just sent them an e-mail.
  24. wohard

    wohard New Member

    any ideas?? Please help
  25. Zigram

    Zigram Active Member

    I'm having a bit of trouble remembering that part of the game. I think I did get to a point where I couldn't remember where I was supposed to go...maybe check back with the elves? I seem to remember that being one thing I had forgotten to do after finishing up certain parts of the story. Check with elves or dwarves again is my suggestion.
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