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The Symphony of Eternity (Android's Final Fantasy)

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  1. pinkiina

    pinkiina New Member

    Erm... I bought this games and i love it..
    however, I got stuck at the sealed ruins...
    can anyone help me...

    The door is locked.. and i have no idea how to open it...


    Thank you so much

    can anyone tell me why....?!

  2. shimaxp

    shimaxp New Member

    played like 14 hours so far :) still plenty to go :)
  3. Zigram

    Zigram Active Member

    I don't remember the specifics of that dungeon, but one tip I will give you for this game is that it is very like these types of games to have secret pathways through the dark walls that may lead to secret treasure chests. That door may have locked, but it is possible there is a switch elsewhere, maybe through one of those pathways, or they may lead around the door to get that chest. I'm sorry I cannot help further, but it has been a few weeks and many other android rpg's since I have played this game :) I will probably go through it again with the new game plus, but not for a bit.
  4. Rpglover

    Rpglover New Member

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum and I joined specifically for this rpg. I know there isn't a walkthrough but I'm having trouble with moving forward because I tapped through some quest instructions without reading them (distracted by my nephew). Now I'm suck because I don't know where to go from where I am. I believe I had just finished giving the elves in lincashe village the medicine. Does anyone recall where I should go from there? I feel like I've tried everything and I'm getting nowhere. I'm on level 30 if that information helps. Thanks in advance.
  5. bkkcheta

    bkkcheta New Member

    Hi, i stuck here too, do u have any idea for this.
    Thanks in advance
  6. bkkcheta

    bkkcheta New Member

    @pinklina, i found this tip from other web and it works. Move around the gate with action key, try 4-5 times
    But now i stuck at heaven gate, could not find switch.
  7. VinCST

    VinCST New Member

    So i've been playing the game about 3-4 hours now, and am loving it. I noticed that I can only make the same gear as available to buy but making it costs more than just buying the item. Is there a benefit to 'crafting' the equipment as opposed to just buying it? They need to make more games like this one!
  8. jcarsw04

    jcarsw04 Active Member

    Generally, crafting weapons allows you to to add more merit points to a piece of equipment and you can choose how you wish to allocate the merit points. Later in the game, some weapons can only be crafted and you will require certain materials in addition to money in order to craft that particular item.
  9. Recreation

    Recreation Well-Known Member

    Have you tried gamefaqs.com? they're huge in walkthroughs and anything to do with guidence.
  10. miamorphos

    miamorphos New Member

    I too am stuck in the Sword of Heaven in the upper world and the door is locked. I wonder if I haven't spoken to someone somewhere? These old-style rpg's, sometimes you gotta talk to someone to activate a door. I went over the entire ruins systematically and I killed every monster and got every treasure and checked every wall -- I'm going to go check the walls for switches....
  11. miamorphos

    miamorphos New Member

    What I thought was a wall was a stairway -- at the upper left and right screens in the Sword of Heaven, you have to battle bosses to open up the door. Duh -- I don't know how I missed them.
  12. jcarsw04

    jcarsw04 Active Member

    I beat the game and now I'm trying to do the sealed doors. there's two bosses I can't keep seem to beat. one is near the dwarfs and the other is in the sky. what are some recommended strategies for these guys. also my characters are level 60. do I need to level them higher? thanks for any help.
  13. Nabraham

    Nabraham Well-Known Member

    Just bought it this week, love it.

    Question for you guys. My one status bar for all three of my characters has hit 100% (the one that builds when you take damage), how do i use it?
  14. Zogun

    Zogun New Member

    I'm also doing the seales doors atm, but there seems to be none that I'm missing. I've done the following:

    1. Underwater cave 1 (easy, just use strong attacks and break)
    2. Underwater cave 2 (easy, just use strong attacks and break)
    3. Underwater cave 3 (easy, just use strong attacks and break)
    4. Island ice cave (easy, just use strong attacks and break)
    5. Small island covered with 3 tiles of forest (buy ~20 strong weed killers, they do 25k each and boss recovers 60k HP every round, he will die in about 5 rounds)

    These 5 bosses gives you the materials for the +5 to all merit point accessory.

    6. Cave near the dwarven city (this boss has instant death attacks, buy accessories to protect you from it. He also has a nasty mana drain, so stock up in mana regen items)
    7. Sky cave (boss has lots of state altering attacks, place a lot of merit points on resistance)

    These 2 bosses gives you 1 accessory each, one that gives 1,5 times gold reward after fights, and one that gives 1,5 times TP after fights. (actually you get the 1,5x gold accessory in the dwarven dungeon itself, the boss only gives you a material for crafting).

    Edit: Found the last boss on a small island covered with 3 tiles of forest. This gave me the sapphire and I have now completed all sealed dungeons and crafted the +5 to all merit points accessory.
  15. jcarsw04

    jcarsw04 Active Member

    I managed to defeat enough of the sealed door bosses to craft that special ring but I'm still having trouble with the sky boss. also, are you sure there's four underwater sealed doors because I only managed to find 3.
  16. Zogun

    Zogun New Member

    No, sorry, that edit was made before I changed the list, there are only 3 underwater caves :)
  17. sheki

    sheki New Member

    I don't see any stairways. There are only two scenes in Sword of Heaven right? I am in the upper scene, and there is a closed door...with no stairway in sight? This is before the final battle with Grazard...i'm assuming?
  18. junkish

    junkish Active Member

    got a new phone so need to copy the save files onto the new one
    going to use ADB.exe to copy the files to my pc. but dont know what the save files are named
    pretty sure they are loacted in /data/data/kemco.wwe.soe/files something
    any with rooted phones that can check the dir ?
  19. Nabraham

    Nabraham Well-Known Member

    How did you do it? i just defeated the tank and can't get through the gate bars. Help!!
  20. murphyman1980

    murphyman1980 New Member

    I just acquired all 8 characters. What are peoples' opinions on the best ones and the best party.
  21. murphyman1980

    murphyman1980 New Member

    Face the bars in the middle and push the action button.
  22. DroidGamers

    DroidGamers Active Member

    Hmm I don't think it's anywhere close to final fantasy standards.. And Destinia is also quite a cool rpg - best yet, it's freeeeeee!
  23. Rural

    Rural Well-Known Member

  24. timm017

    timm017 New Member

    Symphony of Eternity is free on Amazon Apps today (9/29/11).
  25. Astromech

    Astromech New Member

    Can't figure out what the yellow bar at the bottom of the combat screen is. The percentage goes up various amounts after combat but I can't tell if it's a good thing or some kind of damage/bad thing that needs to be soothed/healed/etc. It gets to 100% and turns red, which would seem to be a bad thing, because other things turn red when they are bad/low.

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