The Symphony of Eternity (Android's Final Fantasy)

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  1. prizeferret

    prizeferret New Member


    Thanks Dark Destiny!

  2. ilikemonki

    ilikemonki New Member

    Can N E 1 tell me how to get pass the abode of fire.
    I'm getting owned by Ruland. Many thanks for the help.(if u help)
  3. prizeferret

    prizeferret New Member

    Is it the ruland/ruland jr fight? I took out the little guy first. Then it was pretty easy. I think his weak point is wind? You just make sure kreiss has the wind crystal equipped to make his attacks wind elemental, and then keep up the wind spells with the girl. Slow from the golem helps too.
  4. FYI, here is the complete list of tablets and their maximums:

    Knight - 1000
    Berzerker - 1000
    Paladin - 1000
    Sacred Fencer - 1200
    Imperial Cavalier - 1200
    Zealous Warrior - 1200
    Hunter - 1000
    Assault Raider - 1200
    Fighter - 1000
    Brave Fighter - 1500
    Thief - 1000
    Assassin - 1000
    Mage - 1000
    High Mage - 1500
    Wizard - 1200
    Dark Mage - 1200
    Enchanter - 1000
    Cleric - 1000
    Holy Priest - 1200
    Kit (Light Close Range) - 1000
    Kit (Heavy Close Range) - 1000
    Kit (Very Heavy Close Range) - 1000
    Kit (High Mobility) - 1000
    Kit (Very High Mobility) - 1000
    Kit (Very Heavy Firepower) - 1500
    Kit (Heavy Armor) - 1000
    Kit (Very Heavy Armor) - 1000
    Kit (Support) - 1000
    Kit (Ebony Crusader) - 1000
    Kit (Crimson Knight) - 1000
    Kit (Silver Witch) - 1000
    Kit (Doublestrike) - 1000
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  5. DarkDestiny

    DarkDestiny Member

    @FeloniusMonkey: You are missing Brave fighter. I don't remember exactly where I found it, but it was definitely towards the end. It may be in the castle, abode of light, or sword of heaven.

    I just found a new secret tablet at one of the sealed caves. Doublestrike kit 2000.

    @ilikemonki: Get used to spamming heal with Lish and using defense mode with Kreiss. Use weakpoint to figure out which element to shoot him with when Lish isn't healing. Also, it helps if you teach Kreiss heal to help with that.
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  6. BabyHulk66

    BabyHulk66 New Member

    Does anyone know of other secret rooms?..The only one I've discovered was in the 'Sealed Ruins'...
    Also, where do you obtain 'weed killers'...item that I saw mentioned in an earlier post..
    I have completed the final boss and am attempting to begin the sealed rooms, but the earlier poster stated that weed killers were very effective against the upcoming bosses..
    Not certain how I completed the game and not bumped in to this item, but it happened...also not certain how I completed game and never used 'Break'..Didn't know what it was (lol)
  7. BabyHulk66

    BabyHulk66 New Member

    Where is Alien Town?
  8. gum

    gum Member

    Thanks guys, I just found this forum specifically searching for how to steal from the soldier in Eastham from Symphony of Eternity. Guess I wasn't the only one that ran into this problem!

    I can confirm that AdventDeo's tip worked perfectly. Reloaded my game, discarded everything I was maxed on. Turns out if you successfully steal from him, you get a Lucklau, the enchanted herb of life. I had previously killed him the previous time trying to steal from him unsuccessfully every round and only hitting him with the golem and healing with Lish.
  9. faujc99

    faujc99 New Member

    hi destiny, i;m having problem with ruland too..problem is that he's killing either one or all 3 of my character every single round, no chance to heal whatsoever..and i'm in level 22 if it helps, my best attack with wind and break only gives about 400 and his life is 54000 lol... if he attacks all 3 char at the same time all will die at one attack, even with full life.. pls help. or do i need to level up somemore? to which level? TQ for ur help
  10. DarkDestiny

    DarkDestiny Member

    Have you used your merit points and bought new equipment? I don't remember him ever doing that with the hit that hits all 3.
  11. faujc99

    faujc99 New Member

    found from other forums that jailbroken phones with free app will encounter this problem, its a anti-piracy program...shiett...
  12. dddroidd

    dddroidd New Member

    Stuck at the trapped section in abode of darkness, defeated boss, now Sershka, whatever har name is, has to open the trap. Have clicked on very piece of wall can find, have searched entire available map - I think - can't find nothin!

    Anyone can tell mwe where the lock to that gate is, would greatly appreciate!

  13. XanThor

    XanThor New Member

    Okay, got the 5 gems from the side dungeons, but have no clue who makes the +5 ring or where to go to make it.

    Also, the dwarf side boss? Is it just a lot of monsters thru a bunch of cave rooms? Or is there a certain path to an end room?
  14. Tombaby

    Tombaby Member

    superb! just got the full version for $9.89 :)
  15. destruya

    destruya Active Member

    There is a boss. All I can say is use the map button in the top right hand corner.

    Secondly, if you're going to face the cave dungeon boss, go to Allein (sic) Town first and visit the Weapons Store. Buy three Amulets of the Soul (the game makes you buy them one at a time for some strange reason), keep the Assassin's Boots on one character through the dungeon so you don't have to keep wasting consumables/campsets, and take them off and put the amulets on before facing the "demon" or whatever. Remember to put them back on for the sky dungeon, as the enemies in there are actually tougher (not lethally so, in fact taking ten campsets up there makes for damned good leveling) and you'd be best to be able to avoid and/or force preemptive battles that way.

    Once you get all the gems, however, the ring is made by going to Dwarven Village weapons shop. The same guy who makes the newer endgame weapons (the one on the right) makes the ring, you just have to scroll all the way down to the bottom, and have 50k gold ready.

    Also, for others getting ready for the endgame dungeons - the underwater cave with the "treasure chest" boss? He's a real damned gem - someone mentioned "just keep damage/breaking" on him...he's really fond of these very annoying "Pandora" status attacks (yet also has an 'attack' that'll replenish all of your hp/mp as well, go figure). It's the cave that's *not* as obvious, and you'll know which it is when you see it. Be prepared for darkness, poison, confusion, and silence, as well as a really annoying mana drain. Save him for last and siphon an extra ten points from other places to stick in resistance.

    Also, the dungeon with the "tank," you have to keep hitting him with physical attacks - magic does little to nothing, so just draft your main caster as a supporter/healer.

    The dungeon with the "dragon" (not the sky dungeon whatever-the-hell-he-is thing - one of the underwater ones), I learned the dragon is *very* weak to poison. Not only will landing a poison attack stick easily (such as the one Kreis gets with the Assassin tablet that can paralyze as well), it takes off 5500 damage per tick. VERY worth having.
  16. destruya

    destruya Active Member

    Some of these I don't recognize (possibly because they're exclusive to characters I'm not using) and would love to know where to find them (if they can be). For instance, my "Lish" is maxed out, and High Mage sounds right up her alley.

    Also, Doublestrike isn't 1000TP, it's 2000TP, and has no bonuses to it until you hit 2k (but is arguably worth it as it gives Dau two strikes in one turn for an MP penalty). It's found in a chest in the sky dungeon.

    Also, I found Thief. It's in the first "ruins" right at the start of the game on the last level before the first "real" boss - I must have never gone down that hallway. I'm guessing most of the rest of the tablets I'm missing were something like that. The skill itself isn't that worthwhile when you compare it with "Assassin," but the master bonus is a passive "steal rare item" skill that will come in handy doing the endgame dungeons (random encounters in there have a chance of dropping the highest-grade ore).

    ANOTHER TIP FOR NEW PLAYERS: When you start getting closer to the end (mainly once you get the airship), start visiting item shops again. Many will have tablets for sale that are very worth buying.
  17. toddleigh

    toddleigh Member

    Okay, so here's the thing. I took the airship to the "Sealed Ruins" where you go to get the underwater parts. I worked through the ruins, beat the Tank, and got the parts. Here's where things get screwy.

    I've tried two different things.

    I climb back out of the sealed ruins and leave via the entrance. Outside, I can see the airship. With some work I can get the character to stand on the airship. They never "enter" the airship, though, and I can't fly the airship anywhere. In fact, I can't leave the mountain clearing at the sealed ruins at all. So I memory crystal to the dwarves hamlet.

    I've also use a memory crystal directly to the dwarves hamlet from the bottom of the sealed ruins after getting the parts.

    In both cases, once I get to the dwarves hamlet, the dwarf lord says the airship is ready to go underwater, and I leave the dwarves hamlet and climb back up through the "Cave of the abyss" to the surface. Outside I find the airship, but have the same experience I had at the sealed ruins. I can put the character on top of the airship, but can never enter the airship.

    If I memory crystal to another town, when I leave the town the airship is outside, but I still can't enter it.

    What is other's experience with the airship? When you put your character on top of it, does the character enter it? I want to know if it is a bug or if I'm just failing to do something the right way, because I've spent a lot of time on the game so far, and would hate to waste more on it if it's a bug I can't get past.

    I'm using an LG Optimus S on Sprint.

  18. destruya

    destruya Active Member

    Just beat the sky dungeon boss. (Note: this is the post-game boss, not the natural story arc one)

    Hardest fight I've had in the game thus far. Took five attempts, and the fifth was only *barely* successful.


    - Get the "absorbs light and darkness" armor for Kreis - the boss casts an AoE light-based spell, and every time it does he'll get healed.

    - Have PLENTY of Potion of the Heavens, Spirit Potion of the Elves, and Soma ready. The latter two can be bought in the Elven Village item shop. You *will* need them. If you're short on PotH, you're going to have a harder fight, because you can't buy them anywhere. EDIT: Healing Wind helps as well - I didn't have Holy Priest on Lish the first time I fought this guy.

    - Never let the health of any character dip below 1500 for any period of time, and invest *heavily* in magic defense - the light-based spell might heal Kreis, but another spell, "Judgment Nova" gets through just fine and will *wreck you.* If it doesn't, rest assured the following attacks from the boss will, and you can't "slow" him.

    - The boss will resist all status effects and debuffs, and has a nasty mana drain attack - use your costliest and highest damage attacks when you can - do *not* use Dark Bolt (the boss' only weakness is Darkness), use Chaoticrazy. You want to get damage in while you can - don't waste opportunities to do damage, and waste your breaks on the first attack. I went Grand Cross/Calamity/Chaoticrazy for my opener using breaks - took about 10-15k of the 55k hp off immediately.

    - Equip the Light Quartz on your healer - the light-based AoE spell is used very commonly. The Judgment Nova spell (no clue on its damage type - probably non-element) is "rare," but expect to be hit by it at least twice, and it is *guaranteed death* if your party is down a member or if all of them are around half health. It's a random-hit spell, but it has an obscene number of times that it hits (at least six), and it will do 500-600 per hit.

    - One thing I *did not* notice during the entire fight was status effects. Some of its "specials" do have the added nuisance of dropping your resistances, etc. It also will surreptitiously cast a spell that will magnify its magic damage. so watch out for the "floating buff" messages hovering over it. This is the only time you should "waste" a damage opportunity to use a Purification Potion on it. Boosted magic damage on this boss is bad news.

    Question: I just "audited" my characters' tablets and I don't see "High Mage," "Thief," or "Holy Priest" anywhere on the other characters - where do you pick these up?

    Entering the airship is a pain in the ass. You have to double-click on it to board and take off, and a lot of times you'll walk somewhere else. I've gotten into a habit when I need to hit up the Dwarven Village of just Quartzing to a more "open" village to make boarding the damned thing easier.

    Wait until you have to land at the sky dungeon - there's only one small spot where you can.
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  19. seanrob21

    seanrob21 New Member

    Had the same problem, basically you have to touch directly where the airship is a couple of times and you should be able to get on it. Its a lot of trial and error. As you as you touch the EXACT spot, your characters should get on
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  20. Rotoban

    Rotoban New Member

    Do you know where you found the high mage tablet? I have looked for it but have not found it unless it is on one of the end game bosses.
  21. destruya

    destruya Active Member

    I'm curious about this as well. It's not one of the tablets on the secondary characters, and I've run out of things for Lish to train. The only thing I can think of is that it's located in some secret passageway in a dungeon somewhere, and this being my third time through, I plan on combing all of them thoroughly.

    It might also be a rare loot. All I know is I found "Thief" in the first "ruins" you encounter.

    Only thing I can think of is that High Mage can only be stolen, so I'm taking to using Item Steal on every major boss this time through.

    Important note: Save **OFTEN** upon subsequent play-throughs. My first time through, I never had a force-close. On my second and now third, they tend to happen with semi-annoying regularity, usually in dungeons. I think the game doesn't like you playing on "easy mode," or rather, having such high-grade gear might upset the dynamics.
  22. Nabraham

    Nabraham Well-Known Member

    You get it from a chest in one of the dungeons. Although I can't remember which one, I've had the tablet for quite awhile.
  23. destruya

    destruya Active Member

    What are the spells/actions/rewards from it? Also, considering it's a 1500TP tablet, I'm assuming it has to be one of the *later* dungeons, but seeing as "Wizard" is found in the Abode of the Sky and is 1200...

    I've wondered why the game doesn't have an AoE heal - and if it's not on the High Mage tablet I'll be slightly disappointed.
  24. Nabraham

    Nabraham Well-Known Member

    There upgraded spells from the mage tablet. You also get me attack + 25 and the final skill is my recharge. Your character gains back a portion of their mp after every turn.
  25. smuggle06

    smuggle06 New Member


    Where I found the High Mage Tablet, I know lots of people want to know and I did as well. FINALLY found it! I hid it just incase someone wants to find it on their own.

    Abode of the Earth next to the Dwarven Village, one of the maps after going down a ladder will have a hidden hole in the wall to the left, open up your map to see it! It will be in there! :) Enjoy
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