The Symphony of Eternity (Android's Final Fantasy)

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  1. destruya

    destruya Active Member

    Now we just need to nail down where the hell Holy Priest is. All the rest are character-specific.

    Holy Priest is *NOT* a character-specific tablet found on any of the characters unlocked before fighting the "end boss." Being a 1200TP tablet, it would likely be found towards the end of the regular story arc.

  2. lbp102

    lbp102 Member

    Where the heck do I land this thing.. everywhere says barrier?!?!
  3. destruya

    destruya Active Member

    There is only *one* spot of open ground where you can land, it's a pain at first to hit the spot, then more of a pain to land without moving.

    Pathfinding in this game is probably the worst thing.

    Also: still no dice in finding Holy Priest - and I just cleared the Ice Ruins for the High-Altitude Parts for the airship.

    Another thing: I've found all of the elemental bosses, when you perform Item Steal on them, drop a crystal for their specific element. When you examine them in the equipment window, it claims they can be added to weaponry to give that weapon that specific elemental damage type. How this is done, I have no clue, and have no clue whether it can be *undone* once done.
  4. lbp102

    lbp102 Member

    Can you give me a hint of where on the island this is? This is almost a showstopper in my mind. North, East, West, South, Center? Thanks :)
  5. Cheat Sheet for Kemco's The Symphony of Eternity
    by Felonius Monkey

    I thoroughly loved this game. I highly recommend you pay for it (if you haven't already), and play it through before you have your way with it.
    That being said, please use this guide at your own risk. I am not responsible for you fouling up your device, or making your game-playing experience any less enjoyable!
    If any of the requirements or instructions below seem exceedingly foreign to you, then I'd recommend you read up a bit more on sites like Android Forums and XDA Developers, to learn what you need to know before proceeding.

    - Purchase Kemco's The Symphony of Eternity for Android. It's a spectacular game, and well worth the money.
    - A ROOTED Android device.
    - ADB for Android, and knowledge of how to use it.
    - A tool to edit the binary save file. I recommend XVI (

    1. Retrieve your save file from your device. Do this by issuing the following DOS command:
    adb.exe pull /data/data/kemco.wws.soe/files/save.dat ./save.dat
    2. Back up your save file, just in case something goes wrong. Do this by issuing the following DOS command:
    copy save.dat save.dat.bak
    3. Open save.dat with XVI, and refer to the PDF file to make your changes. You'll get the hang of it after a little while. Things are relatively in the same places for each character. You'll start to notice patterns once you begin. You'll be able to tell where the character data is because it's pretty much the only readable text you'll see in the file.
    4. When finished, push the save file to your device. Do this by issuing the following DOS command:
    adb.exe push ./save.dat /data/data/kemco.wws.soe/files/save.dat
    5. On your device, exit SoE (in case you already haven't) and MAKE SURE THE PROCESS IS COMPLETELY TERMINATED.
    6. Start SoE, and load any of your modified save slots. If something looks awry, you can always go to your backup.

    SLOT 1:
    - Game is completed, and extra bosses are defeated.
    - Characters are Level 70-ish.
    - Lots of gold.
    - There are a few new pieces of equipment, not attainable through the game.
    - All items have been maxed out to 127.
    - Each character has every kit maxed out-- even the ones they shouldn't. Though you won't ever see certain kits listed under certain characters, rest assured the skills and attributes ARE there.
    - Much of the equipment is "enchanted" with extra merit points-- either 10 of each, or 20 of each.
    - Each character is wielding an Aegislute (sword), which is slightly more powerful than the most best craftable sword in the game. It also grants each character the skill "Protection of Aegislute", which you can figure out for yourself. NOTE: If you remove Aegislute for any character other than Kreist, you will not be able to wield it again without modifying the save file.

    - Characters are wearing equipment suited to best accomodate how they are usually grouped (i.e. Kreist, Dau, Lish; Sershka, Elestona; Rozeim, Ruland, Rednight). Within each of those three groupings, you'll find someone wearing "enchanted" Burglar's Shoes, and someone else wearing "enchanted" Assassin's Shoes.
    SLOT 2:
    - Same as SLOT 1, except with a new mission started.

    Heed my warnings above! I only know from my own experience. Your save file may or may not have slightly different offsets than mine. Furthermore, I'm only human, and am prone to typos. Just please be careful, and don't bite off more than you can chew!

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  6. destruya

    destruya Active Member


    We're talking about two completely different "sky dungeons."

    You aren't able to land on the "barrier" island (the Sword of the Heavens) until you've defeated Safario and learn who "Black Cloak" is. Then, for some reason, the airship is "capable" of landing there. You're probably looking for the second largest of the sky islands, where you get the Spirit Crystal of Light.

    The sky dungeon I'm talking about is the smallest of the three sky islands which contains the hardest post-game boss.

    In other news, I *still* haven't found the Holy Priest tablet.
  7. Here's a screenshot of where to find that boss on the small wooded island. Hope it helps someone.

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  8. lbp102

    lbp102 Member

    Good call.. i feel dumb. So i 1 shot the dragon there though it is easily the hardest boss yet. I think a lot of us have a ton of experience in jrpgs so that's not that shocking. The guards at the castle (17k hp bosses) are a joke if you use poison.
  9. BabyHulk66

    BabyHulk66 New Member

    Would someone be so kind as to explain to me the plus 5 to all merit points add after turning in the 5 gems and 50k gold...I saved just before making this purchase, and after purchase, i checked the members of my party and all their merit points remained the same..This included the points on their weapons and armor and also on the merit points graph...Should these additional merit points actually be displayed somewhere or is it some type of internal add...thanks
  10. destruya

    destruya Active Member

    It's a ring. The "buffs" are only added to the character wearing it - it's not a general group buff.
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  11. BabyHulk66

    BabyHulk66 New Member

    destruya, thank you for your quick response to my problem, and also many thanks for all your helpful information contributed to this forum
  12. Rotoban

    Rotoban New Member

    I have just beat the game and all 7 side-bosses and I am wondering if there is any reason to actually start a new game+ if you are overpowered.
  13. destruya

    destruya Active Member

    It's certainly "neat" to wander back through hyper-overpowered, but the novelty sort of wears off after the second time, and try as I might, I can't find myself justifying the whole "oh hey, let's try the other characters" thing.

    Really the only thing I'm interested in is knowing where the hell the Holy Priest tablet is, and finding out new tips/tricks to help others.
  14. myturbogsx95

    myturbogsx95 New Member

    Well, i beat the game and all the bosses after the story, wish I knew about that second dwarf that makes the best weapons and that ring...would have made things easier, I was wondering what the blue ore was for. So I guess i should be happy, it was a very decent game for a phone. I beat the game and all the bosses using only the original characters at level 75 and with the second best weapons and no +5 ring, so its possible. Oh and how to get the weedkiller to hit at 50k on the flower boss...use limit break when using weedkiller....2 hit kill felt great after figuring this out.
  15. kitsel

    kitsel New Member

    Beat all the bosses and got all the tablets (I think) as well as recovered THREE "bonus" items, I've only ever seen people mention two. I have one that increases xp by 1.5, one that increases gold by 1.5, and one that increases tp by 1.5. Forget where I got them.

    Also, I managed to steal a pretty awesome weapon called "juggernaut" for ruland, off the tank boss in the sealed cave (290 attack and a special that makes standard attack attack all enemies). I wasn't really consistent in stealing items, were there any cool weapons to steal that I missed out on?

    Edit: I did the earth and sky sealed dungeons before I did the sealed caves for the +5 merit ring, is there even anything to use the ring on? Some end boss? Or if I already finished the 2 bonus dungeons and 5 sealed caves is that pretty much it for the game?
  16. Rotoban

    Rotoban New Member

    The Holy Priest tablet is located
    in the room after the fight with Rednight in the Cave of the Abyss (I think or the cave before the Dwarves). Just take the room that leads to the treasure room and does not progress the story. It will be at the bottom of this room. It will be a wide open area room.
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  17. destruya

    destruya Active Member

    I can't believe I missed this. It finally gives Lish the more powerful healing spells that were "missing" before. Wanna know how difficult it is to play the endgame *without* an AOE heal and with just the standard heal/revive spells?

    More detailed directions:

    1. Following Rednight battle, if you don't already have Sacred Fencer, take the branch off *on that level* before descending to the next level.
    2. The level beneath the Rednight fight is set up like a crooked "plus sign."
    3. Take the leftmost branch of this "plus sign" and descend.
    4. The room will look like another room of the dungeon and have a lot of rock columns in it. The chest is at the absolute "bottom" of the room.

    I can't believe I missed it twice through now. =/

    For those who don't have it, the tablet has:

    High Heal - 200 - More powerful Heal spell.
    Healing Wind - 500 - AOE Heal.
    Reinforce (Stance) - 600 - converts HP to MP a little each turn.
    High Revive - 800 - More powerful Revive spell.
    Invincible Strength - 1000 - Causes break gauge to rise dramatically when near death.
    Holy Reverence - 1200 - Master spell, Divine Ray on steroids.
  18. freedom_af

    freedom_af New Member

    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for all the tips. I've beaten the game once, and I'm going through trying to finish all 7 side missions.
    I've completed The Heavens' Cavern, and The Hollow of the Earth-depths.
    (3) Seabed Caves,
    (1) Ice Cave.

    However, I can't find the location of the final cave to get the Sapphire jewel.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  19. destruya

    destruya Active Member (click this link for a picture of where you need to go - don't forget to thank FeloniusMonkey as well - the "boss" is in the trees, just walk into them)

    You haven't killed the "flower" boss yet. Buy ~25 Strong Weedkiller in the item shop in Allein Town and use it on the boss. It takes about five rounds' worth to kill the boss, much less if you use a Break option. Don't fight the boss any other way - it heals *way* more hp than your characters can naturally dish out in a turn, and the weedkiller does a natural 25k damage per hit, which is more than you can deal per character even with breaks and crits.
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  20. freedom_af

    freedom_af New Member

    Thanks destruya.

    I actually re-read through this thread and found someone who was missing one of the sealed rooms under the sea, but mentioned the forest on a tiny island, so I searched till I found it. And I had about 3 strong weed killers left, which is more than enough :)

    I'm not sure if this strategy was mentioned, but since you can basically spam the break option. A single break with strong weed killer does 50k damage, so the "flower" boss was easily defeated in 2 hits.

    I'm kind of hoping for a super secret boss somewhere, but I think that's about it after the side missions.

    My plan now it to replay using a new game with the saved data so that I can get (3) of the +5 to everything merit rings.
  21. alucard0822

    alucard0822 New Member

    I've been playing this game for a couple weeks now, since amazon had it for the free app of the day, beat it acouple times, and like it, found most of the tips and tricks thanks to this forum, but haven't found the ebony crusader kit, anyone know where that one is.
  22. destruya

    destruya Active Member

    As far as I can recall, the Ebony Crusader kit is in the dungeon prior to encountering the Dwarven town. I think I picked up a second one when I was checking unopened chests looking for the Holy Priest tablet.

    That dungeon has a ton of optional rooms and holes and ladders, which explains how I missed the HP tablet twice through.
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  23. alucard0822

    alucard0822 New Member

    thanks, found it. In the ave of the abyss in a W-shaped room at the top right side of the W there are 2 boxes, in the space at center of the room is one of those fountains that restores HP and MP, I think it was one of the places where the charachters fell and were separated. You get there by going up from the ladder at the top of a very large room with several columns. From the Dwarves village, go to the cave to the right, climb the left side ladder in the room off to the side of the hallway, and follow that to the big room.
  24. madnessjm

    madnessjm New Member

    I'm at the Dwarf Village. I've already gone north to the Heaven's area and used the memory stone to head back to the Dwarf Village. Did I screw up because I can't figure out how to head North now and go to the ocean.

    Someone help please.
  25. danbambam

    danbambam New Member


    I have noticed that a lot of people are having problems getting onboard the airship after they first get off of it. The EASIEST (and I mean REALLY EASY) way to do it is using either the FIXED OR MOVABLE CONTROLLING KEYS. To changethe way you control your characters, go to MENU>SYSTEM>OPTION.

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