The Symphony of Eternity (Android's Final Fantasy)

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  1. madnessjm

    madnessjm New Member

    It's not that I can't get on. I can't even FIND IT! Where do you get to it?

  2. Kira Lawliet

    Kira Lawliet Member

    I just got here too, and i'm stuck :(
  3. destruya

    destruya Active Member

    It's a floor switch in a room (a square in the middle of an otherwise empty and useless room), and I think you have to go down two levels to get to it.

    Use the map and look for isolated rooms and you should be able to find it.
  4. Kira Lawliet

    Kira Lawliet Member

    I got it thanks :D
    Actually i missed the other stair because the stairs are blended too well on the wall (yellowish color -_-)
  5. ets

    ets New Member

    I googled "Symphony of Eternity Walkthrough" and landed here, and been using your resources for the last week to beat the boss. So figured I'd share some of my tips...

    I explored and fought everything in sight, my chracters are LVL 71 with 22hrs logged in. I died 6 times total 3 at each after-arc boss fight. If I rentered a room I already cleared, I would try to skip the fights. I also kept the three main chracters.

    • Anyone know Where is the third bonus item is?
    I have the following:
    Draupnir - 1.5x TP
    Lapis Lazuli - 1.5x Money

    I forget exactly where, but I believe one came from the after-arc boss fight in the sky dungeon as an end reward and the other one was in a chest in the after-arc cave dungeon.

    • I loved Dauturu for his secreat ability, and Laishutia for her healing abilities. Honestly Kreist sort of sucked, he basically fell in the support role without support role abilites. I used him to use spirt potions for Dauturu or heal a party member if they dropped down below 1500. He does come in useful when you get the light and darkeness damage absorbtion armor, I probbly wouldn't of been able to beat the sky dungion boss without that.

    • Merit - I was really bad at updating this for my characters, I started doing it for the two main after-arc bosses.

    • The After-arc Sky boss was hard, tried 3 times before I followed the tips in this forum and it was easily done. My tip is to goto the elves town and stock up on potions and sell the newbie geared potions. The next hardest boss is the after-arc cave boss, but easily beatable with the same method of the sky boss.

    • Flower Boss - I managed to beat the boss with only 9 Strong Weedkiller without breaks, but never hurts to have extra. Especially since if you run out, you lose.

    • Stealing - Once I got the stealing skill, I attempted to steal from every boss and only thing I managed to steal was the sword from the tank boss. Not sure if I failed with the others or they didn't have anything at all.

    Sorry if the above is repeated information.

    For $3 this game should be on everyone pick-up list, unless you don't want to lose sleep over playing a game past your bed time.
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  6. claudene9@live

    claudene9@live New Member

    I just purchased this today and am enjoying it so far. I am either having a technical issue or I just don't know what I am doing (most likely the latter). When I try to cast cure spells etc.. they act like they are working and remove the magic points but nothing happens. No hit points are given back to the recipient. What am I doing wrong? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Figured it out.
  7. FreeStyle

    FreeStyle New Member

    Could anyone help me find the flower boss? I beat the other six but I'm having trouble locating him. Thank you
  8. destruya

    destruya Active Member

  9. claudene9@live

    claudene9@live New Member

    I must be blind or something. I can't figure out where else to go in this forest. I just keep wandering around fighting enemies. I don't see anywhere else to go. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    Nevermind, I am blind. Found it.
  10. rui-no-onna

    rui-no-onna Well-Known Member

    I couldn't agree more. As a side note, it's working surprisingly well on my relatively underpowered LG Thrive (AT&T's Optimus One) with HVGA display. The game doesn't even exhibit any of the jerkiness/lag that Angry Birds does.
  11. droidddd77

    droidddd77 New Member

    Help! I just finished giving the herbs from the mountain, and I cannot figure out where to go from here. It appears I exhausted all of my options.
  12. destruya

    destruya Active Member

    You take a boat back to Millenna Town (or use a quartz) and go back to the Elven Hamlet.

    You then go back to Millenna Town and take a boat to the "Western Lands."
  13. Nabraham

    Nabraham Well-Known Member

    Anyone played their other game? Eve of genesis?

    I've finished symphony and im itching for some more rpg love.
  14. DroidGamers

    DroidGamers Active Member

    Super AWESOME game. I'm a fan of RPG's and having this game on my SGS2 is just fantastic. It would have been better if the game was free though! haha..

    By the way, recently found this app that recommends new free games daily: Rather cool. But there seems to be a few bugs since it's still in beta. Worth a look though. =D I found RockStar game from there. Cool "JuBeat" style arcade game on mobile.
  15. vankrasn

    vankrasn New Member

    Unlike this guy, I'm still blind. any help?

  16. Questionlady

    Questionlady New Member

    I am new to this game and am in The Abode of the Winds. Have been all through it about 5 times now and can't find the Wind Boss am I missing something?

    NM I found it. It was at the top left of my screen so each time I touched it I got the menu. When I waited for the menu to fade away and just pushed him up rather than trying to touch the spot I wanted him to go I found the boss.

    Hope this helps some other newbie :)
  17. DarkDestiny

    DarkDestiny Member

    I randomly decided to get another +5 merit ring for kicks replaying the entire thing in 3:30 (got the ring) flat, and missed it. This is my THIRD rerun lol!

    BTW, playing through the game with just standard heal and revive is plenty easy. Instead of doing sort of an endurance battle, I go for a blitz battle. I use a death ring on Dau (if you only have one, else I have one on everyone now!), element weakness crystal, and ailment prevention on the "harder bosses". I pump 50 into STR and Crit with the rest going into def, mdef, and resistance. I use break and just crit my way through with Rednight, Dau, and Kreist. With nearly every hit being crit. It's darn easy to win before losing a single char. Kreist is replaceable with Rozeim, Ruland, or Silver stone girl. They all hit slightly harder, though I may be off on that considering combo bonuses. Using all golems though, I've managed to beat the boss in 4 character actions.

    Also, there's an easy way to beat the plant without using breaks or wasting your turns. IF you have resonance, use two or more golems. You can blow it up in one turn instead of 5.
  18. Kie

    Kie Well-Known Member

    Yup, this is pretty much the online FAQ for the game. Some of you guys should write something up for gamefaqs.

    I've played for about 6hrs and I'm L25 in the Golem village. I guess I've got some way to go, but sounds like I'll be seeing some challenges eventually! It's an awesome game for a mobile!
  19. vigil

    vigil New Member

    just finished the game, a bit confuse here... how to open the seal door after start new game with save data from the first-finish game?

    and where do i can find thief tablet?
  20. destruya

    destruya Active Member

    Thief is located in a chest inside the first "ruins" directly west of the first town you enter after saving Lish in the forest.

    And unfortunately you can't open the sealed doors if you start a new game as you no longer have the shards necessary. The only way to get into them is to beat the game again (shouldn't take long with maxed weaponry and high levels), and *don't* restart the game, just continue to play it until you've killed all the post-endgame bosses.
  21. calyn

    calyn New Member

    Ok, I believe I read this entire thread and didn't see this question asked/answered:

    How do I fly 'up' to the Heavens?

    I just beat the crazy boss lady in the castle who splits into 3 dragons. Got all of the characters. Now I'm not sure how I go face Garantu (who was BC) in the Sword of Heavens.
  22. destruya

    destruya Active Member

    The most direct route is to fly over the mountains ringing Eashtend, then double-tap. Much like you double tap over water to dive, double-tapping over mountains makes you climb.
  23. msmurielle

    msmurielle New Member

    Im really blind lol and can't figure this out. I'm wandering around!! HALLLP:eek:
  24. molitar

    molitar Active Member

    Can anyone point me to some dwarf crafting tips? I have no idea where to put the points for good armor or weapons for what characters.. I'm totally lost at this point and have not continued on because I don't know how I should alot the points and can find to tips anywhere.
  25. destruya

    destruya Active Member

    Generally at the point you're buying stuff from the Dwarves, you're primarily using magic attacks (the attacks you have to select from the menu which cost MP), because consumables are cheap as hell and you want to minimize time wastage and opportunities to be hit. I go through campsites and cheap 40% Spirit Herbs like wildfire. Also, once you get the Assassin's Boots in the castle, dungeons become a cakewalk anyway.

    Before you get a weapon or piece of armor crafted, check the existing stats of the character it's going on, then check what (if any) the armor/weapon they're currently using commutes any "extra" attributes, and make sure those (if they're useful) pass on to the new weapon.

    The points are best spent (at least on brawlers) put into the fields that are going to do you the most good in the post-endgame, those being Magic Attack, Speed, Magic Defense, and Resistance. The physical attacks from the "gemstone" bosses aren't what you have to worry about - it's the status effects and AoE/random hit spells.

    Your healer should always have high defense (both of them) and resistance (as well as magic attack), and it's also not a bad idea to put enough points on their gear to hit another multiple of 10 on their Cost Reduction stat. I think every +10 takes off 10% MP cost, which really adds up against the 55,000hp bosses that don't have an "easy button."

    Just remember that you can reallocate skill-earned Merit Points whenever - the ones tied to weapons and armor cost gold to mess around with, so you might as well put them where they'll do the most long-term good.

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